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wrapper class of gettext, can switch strings in locales.


getstat-ng4 monitors traffic data of NetGenesis4 from Micro Research Laboratory, Inc. for mrtg. I refered to Yoshiyuki Kondo's 'getstat-rta50i' and M. Okamura's 'Netgenesis Jouhou Page'. Thank you!


screen shot of gcb gcb requires Ruby/Gtk. A purpose of this game is to guess numbers in eight times. H means position and number are both correct. B means only number is correct but position is incorrect. By default, numbers are one to seven in three figures. You can change the setting by Game-> Setting. The license is GPL.


A gateway which shows a mail checker the IMAP server as the POP3 server. i.e. POP3 client <-> IMAP4 server transformation. Both being run from inetd and running stand alone are supported. For users who have mail checkers that doesn't support IMAP.

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