Treatment passage of naoko

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(Notes:Naoko is my daughter.)

There is a difference in the effect of progress and the treatment of the sickness one by one.
Please refer when you determine various treatments when keeps unhappy and your child becomes a retinoblastoma.

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Finding of retinoblastoma

My wife found eyes of naoko shining like cat's eyes in May, 1996.(Naoko is 2 year)
I hear, it was "This is retinoblastoma and receive the examination in an integrated hospital, please though I see only tumors of one of eyes because it might be also in the other side" of the ophthalmology department of the vicinity when consults the doctor.

Examination in integrated hospital
Went to an integrated hospital which had consulted a physician since the since before two days which had been done to the doctor of the ophthalmology department of the vicinity later. The doctor of the integrated hospital ophthalmology department told right eyes hurrying up examining by the echo after the examination of the eyeground and the wife and I were told the thing it to was likely to have to enucleate.

However, it has been decided for enucleating not to make the eyeball immediate because understood the tumor is not too terrible as a result of CT-scanning and nor to challenge the preservation treatment.
picture of cat's eye

Situation at this time

Right eyes:There was a big tumor cell.
(Perhaps, it would have been enucleating at this point when there was a tumor only on one of eyes)

Left eyes:There is a tumor of the mushroom type below.
(In the photograph of CT, see so) A side of the eyeball forward also had the thing which might be the tumor.

Treatment beginning
First of all, the nourishment blood vessel which caused tumors of left eyes by the laser was burnt and the radiotherapy of about one month was done. The photocoagulation method and the cryosurgery method were done to an photocoagulation method and left eyes and on right eyes afterwards.

The following did chemotherapy to the whole body for the prevention of the metastasis.

Treatment of the second step
When radiotherapy ended and about two months passed, new treatment was attempted. It was treatment by which the anti-cancer medicine was directly injected into arteries of eyes. It was thought that I was the last treatment for this to leave right eyes.

Eyeball enucleating finally
When you have passed seven months since treatment started,To our regret, eyeball of right eyes enucleated.

This situation

Right eyes: A new tumor cell appeared.
The retina flaking off was advanced, and the retina flaked off and 80 percent way flaked off.

Left eyes: Some tumor cells have been becoming small.
It was an appearance to which briskness also became weak.

Artificial eye installation
Became a situation by which the artificial eye was able to be installed from the eyeball enucleating about one month later.
It is hardly understood whether it is an artificial eye when viewing from the front.

Current state
naoko is living now so that there are not inconveniently even one of eyes alone.
Treatment to left eyes will be restarted one of these days.

Current state (oct/14/97)
Naoko's tumor is stable .(No glowing)
Naoko examined every month.

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