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Peter I island * 3YØX-2005 
概 要
UpDate: 2003/11/08 2004-DXペディションは1年間延期に! This DX-pedition has been postponed until January 2005!
UpDate: 2003/09/13 → 2004/11/24
コール: 3Y0X 運用期間:
2004/01/10 - 01/31 (約3週間) → 2005/01/21 〜 02/04 バンド他: 10-160M * CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK
   BAND   160M     80M    40M    30M    30M    20M    17M    15M    12M    10M

CW 1826.5 3504 7004 10124 10104 14024 18074 21024 24894 28024 SSB - 3799 7057 - - 14195 18145 21295 24945 28475 RTTY - - - - - 14080 - 21080 - 28080
Operators: Bob K4UEE, Ralph K0IR, F2JD, N2WB, K4SV, N6OX, LA6VM, UA3AB, K3NA, HB9BHW, N4GRN, Martti OH2BH, NP4IW/4, W0RUN, NK7C, K9SG, K5AB, VK4GL, PA5M, OH2PM, HB9BXE 計21名 QTH: Peter I島 * 090.35'W / 68.50'S JA1→3Y/P: 方位= 156゚(SP), 距離= 15,200Km 日の出/日没: Date Rise Set
(注) 11月23日〜01月18日 太陽沈まず Jan-21 07:06z 05:22z Jan-25 07:44z 04:47z Jan-30 08:18z 04:14z Feb-04 08:48z 03:46z Web site: ログ検索: (運用開始後) QSL via: Stephen Grose - K4YL, P.O. BOX 183 FLAT ROCK, NC 28731, USA. Ushuaia港(68.18'W / 54.48'S) → 1930Km → Peter I島

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This map referred to MS World Atlas.

最新 情報

 ●Date: 2004/01/28 → 11/30 ●Subject: 3Y0X-2005 * Peter I island  
--(11月30日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- 今回のピーター一世島 DXペディション計画の全容を知るには、3Y0P 計画のフアイル (\3Y0Xplan- ningv2.pdf 1.1MB) を是非ダウンロードしてご覧になる事をお勧めします。 その中から、JA-3Y/P 間の通信状態の記事をチェックすると、12〜40M は可能性が高いのですが, 80M は厳しく、10M と 160M は非常に困難である事が判ります。 --(11月24日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- 上段のオペレーターの顔触れを見ると DX世界に名だたるメンバーのオンパレード。 大いに期待が もたれます. 今日 SM7AED サイトを見ると、6M や EME の運用は人や機材の都合で行わないと云うもの。 ページのトップに下記の記事が掲載されていて、日付は 04/09/24 となっているが 04/11/24 の ミスと思われる。 ★SM7AED's News 040924 * Peter I Island, 3Y0X. No 6M. Excerpt from a mail to Lance W7GJ: The Executive Committee has considered the possibility of VHF operation and in particular EME and decided not to attempt it. The difficuty in erecting appropriate antennas and keeping them erected and the manpower involved does not appear to be justifed. Sorry for any disappointment this may bring, but we will be very QRV on 160-10m, CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31. 73, Bob K4UEE --(07月17日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- 丁度半年後に実施が計画されているピーター一世島 DXペディションについてのニュースです。 今年1月のニュースにあった、コール:3Y0P、内定オペレーター:12名 が変わっています。 ★Subject: 425 DX News #689 * 17 July 2004 >>> PETER I 2005 <<< Postponed last year due to unforeseen transportation difficulties, the third ever DXpedition to Peter I Island is a go for late January 2005. A multi-national team of twenty operators will be active (with 4-6 high power stations operating around the clock on 160-6 metres SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK 31) as 3Y0X from 21 January to 4 February. The current list of operators includes K0IR, K3NA, K4SV, K4UEE, F2JD, HB9AHL, HB9BHW, LA6VM, NP4IW/6, N2WB, N4GRN, N6OX, UA3AB and W0RUN. Several invitations are pending that will complete the team. A backup list is also in place and potential team members who might want to go, in the event of a cancel- lation, are invited to contact K4UEE ( This very expensive undertaking will be 70% funded by the team members, and addit- ional financial sponsors are being sought. Fundraising is continuing with the addi- tion of several area fundraisers: W3WL (North and South America), JA1ELY (Asia), F2JD (Europe and Africa) and ZL2AL (Pacific). More details can be found on the DXpedition website ( as to team members, sponsorship and other information. --(2004年01月28日)------------------------------------------------------------------- 本DXペディション・チームの、新しい Webサイト を見付ける。 その内容は、上段の概要に反映させています。
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 ●Date: 2003/09/13 → 11/08 ●Subject: 3Y/P-2004 * Peter I island  
--(2003年11月08日)------------------------------------------------------------------- 本 2004-DXペディ 向う1年間延期! "425 DX News " によると、誠に残念ながら、本 DXペディションは同南極圏の近ずく夏場の気候が 例年に較べ悪いらしく向こう 1年間延期されました。 (邪推ですが、これは表向きで本当の理由は 他にあるのかも..)。 毎年、旅客船による南極ツアーがあるが、これ等も中止になるのか? ★Subject: 425 DX News #653 * 8 November 2003 3Y_p1 - The January 2004 DXpedition to Peter I [425DXN 645] has been postponed until January 2005. "A last minute glitch developed in the transportation plan", Bob K4UEE and Ralph K0IR report. "Weather windows precluded a rescheduling for 2004", but "the 2005 expedition will be bigger and better!". --(2003年10月14日)------------------------------------------------------------------ Bill N4NX のEメール及び初回の情報から、チーム一行はアルゼンチン本国南端の Ushuaia港を 1月03日に出港し、1月09日にピーター・ファースト島に到着、同島には約 3週間滞在。 遠征が終わって 2月10〜14日の間に帰港の予定。 現代、あともう2、3人の有能なオペレータを募っています。 只、参加には Ushuaia港までの 往復の旅費、旅行傷病保険などの自己負担とチーム参加費が 15千米ドル近く掛かる由。 ★Subject: Topband: 3Y0 Peter I - "A few Good Men!" From: "Bill Barr" <> Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 17:31:59 -0400 THIS TEAM WILL OPERATE TOP BAND!!! I was just over at Bob Allphin's ( K4UEE ) house this past week helping with antenna testing & packing in preparation for the January Dxpedition to Peter I. I asked Bob how the recruitment of Team members was coming along. He said that they now have the necessary number of operators & skill makeup to meet their requirements, but he added that they would entertain the addition of a couple more operators. I think this would be a great opportunity for the right person! There are several criteria points that any possible recruit must meet. FIRST, members must have good interpersonal skills and get along with other people. This team will be together almost 7 weeks and one person can make everyone else miserable. I know many of the existing team and I can assure you that they all meet this most important requirement. SECOND, they must be able to work in hard and difficult conditions. They must be in good physical shape and have some experience in camping conditions. Cold weather experience is a plus. LASTLY, good operators who have experience handling large pileups are desired. Most of the current team are CW first, and SSB second. Several team members are also skilled in RTTY. The team will depart from Ushuaia, Argentina on Jan. 3, 2004 and return between Feb. 10 and Feb 14. The cost for each team member is USD $15,000 with the possibility of getting some money back later. The payment schedule is: $7500 due when accepted to the team and $7500 due 30 days later. All team members must pay for their own transportation to/from Ushuaia, purchase Medical Evacuation Insurance (about $250) and provide their own clothing and personal items. The signing of several liability release forms will be required. Unless you are known by the one of the current team members, two ham references attesting to your meeting the 3 criteria outlined above are required. I personally think that this is an adventure of a lifetime and I can't think of a better team to enjoy it with. If you are interested please contact Bob Allphin directly at 73 Bill N4NX --(2003年09月13日)------------------------------------------------------------------ 来年1月の話ですが、前回の1994年2月から10年ぶりにピーター一世島へ15名によるビッグ DXペデ ィションが、著名なDXペディショナー K4UEE, K0IR 等によって計画されています。 1月03日にアルゼンチンの Ushuaia を出港し同月19日に戻ってくる予定からすると、「島に3週間 滞在したい」は計算が合わない。 欲しいモード、バンドがある人にはビッグチャンスです。 私としては敢えて言えば、後 160Mが出来ればと..。 コール: 未定 * 運用期間: 2004/01/10〜01/xx ? * バンド他: All HF bands * CW, SSB, RTTY * QTH: 090.36'W / 68.48'S * JA1→3Y/P: 方位= 156゚(SP), 距離= 15,200Km ★Subject: [425ENG] 425 DX News #645 * 13 September 2003 >>> PETER I 2004 <<< The island of Peter I (AN-004), discoverd in 1821 and named for Peter the Great of Russia, has been activated on the amateur radio bands only twice: in 1987 by 3Y1EE (LA1EE) and 3Y2GV (LA2GV), and again in 1994 by the multi-national team of 3Y0PI. Bob Allphin, K4UEE and Ralph Fedor, K0IR now announce they have organized another DXpedition this isolated island, which is scheduled to occur during the upcoming Austral summer 2004. A 15-person team is expected to depart from Ushuaia, Argentina on 3 January and arrive at Peter I on approximately 9 January. This will be a high power DXpedition with an international group of experienced operators and multiple stations on all HF bands covering SSB, CW, and RTTY modes. The team hopes for a 3-week stay on the island. Further details will be given in due course. Several operator positions are available. Also, there are opportunities for ham or non-ham travelers to visit Peter I, the Antarctic continent, and the South Shetland Islands returning around 19 January to Ushuaia, Argentina. Contact Bob, K4UEE at for information. [TNX K4UEE]

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