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Equatorial Guinea * 3C-2002
概 要
 コール:  	3C2MV By Vitaly VE6JO
 運用期間:	(2002/11/02-11/24)  → (11月22日-12月12日) → 
		→ 11月22日-12月09日 (12/10) 
 バンド他:	10-80M (No 160M) * CW/SSB/RTTY 

 QTH:      	Malabo, Equatorial Guinea * 01.35'N / 010.40'E (AF-010) 
 JA1→3C:  	方位= 297°(SP)    距離= 13,300Km 
 日の出/日没:	Date     Rise    Set 
		Nov-20   05:05z  17:01z 
		Nov-30   05:09   17:04 
		Dec-10   05:13   17:08 
 通信可能バンド:	10-160M 

 QSL via VE6JO: 	Vitaly Markhasin, VE6JO,  P.O. Box 234 stn. M, 
		Calgary, AB T2P 2M7, CANADA. 
		(Previous/former Callsign(s): ZK1JOO, 3C2MV) 
		(E-mail Address: 

最新 情報

 ●Date: 2002/10/19 → 12/11 ●Subject: 3C2MV * Ecua. Guinea * By VE6JO
--(12月11日)-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3C2MV の QRV リポートは 12月09日22:24Z が最後であった。 --(12月07日)-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vitaly VE6JO は非常に精力的に 10-80M で運用中。ベアーフットながら結構飛ばしており数年前まで 良く DXペディをしていた Rudi DK7PE を思い出した。 Rudi もベアーフットでありながらローバンド の 80/160M をサービスしてくれた。 3C2MV とは私も 80/40/30M 等で QSO出来た。 3C2MV の運用が8日迄か、もっと延びるかは不明。 --(12月02日)-------------------------------------------------------------------------- OPDX ブリテンによれば、決まった訳でないが運用期間が12月08日迄、に短縮されるかも知れない。 ★Subject: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #589 * December 2, 2002 3C, EQUATORIAL GUINEA (Update). Erik, SM0AGD, spoke to Vitaly, 3C2MV (aka VE6JO) over the telephone from Malabo and was asked to pass on the following info to the OPDX bulletin. Vitaly worked 1400 QSOs in the CQWW CW Contest. Outside the contest, he has made about 4500 QSOs so far. He is astonished by the continuous big pile-ups! For 40 and 80 meters, he is using an Inverted Vee. He has no antenna for 160 meters and does not intend to be active on that band. Due to an upcoming election in Equatorial Guinea, he might have to change his itinerary and leave Malabo a week earlier than expected (possibly December 8th, but that is not definite yet). Over the past weekend, Vitaly was heard on 7016 kHz around 0530z, 10116 kHz between 2045-2130z, 24911 kHz between 1130-1730z, 28522 kHz between 1200-1345z and 28016 kHz after 1430z. QSL via VE6JO. --(11月26日)-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22日に運用を開始した3C2MV は、10,12,15,17,20M の CW/SSB/RTTY でアクティブにオンエアーして います。 26日の夕方初めて 14CW 信号をロングパスで聞きましたがベアーフットにしては結構良好 な強さでした。 --(11月18日)-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vitaly VE6JO は20日に出発し22日に赤道ギネアの首都マラボ市に到着予定。そして終了後の出発は 12月14日の予定。リニアーアンプはなく TH-3Jr + Sigma 5 にワイヤーアンテナとベアーフットリグ の使用となる。 QSL は直接請求のみ OK。 ★Subject: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #587 * November 18, 2002 3C, EQUATORIAL GUINEA (Update). Vitaly, VE6JO, informs OPDX that he finally received his visa! However, he did have a problem finding tickets, but now it is all finalized. He departs November 20th arriving in Malabo on November 22nd. There is very little chance for him to get his original license (3C2A) and set-up the station before the CQ WW CW Contest. So his callsign will be 3C2MV (unless it is easy and fast to change his license to 3C2A or 3C3A before the contest). Vitaly will try to operate in the contest with limited number of bands (more likely on 40/80 meters with an Inverted V). His attempt to get a 3 element SteppIR on loan was unsuccessful. However, he has purchased and refurbished a TH-3Jr in addition to Sigma 5, and will use wire antennas on 40/80 meters and maybe on 160. He has no ant- enna for 6 meters. He mentions, "Do not expect a big signal as I will run 100 watts (could not find an amplifier). I hope to operate on as many bands and modes as possible. However, I would like to ask everyone to be VERY patient with me. This is my first time on the DX side and I'm not sure how to handle the pile-up." Vitaly's activity will last until December 12-13th (operating time) and depart Malabo on December 14th (this will give him time to dismantle the station and prepare for departure). QSL direct only (He is not member of the National Association) with sufficient postage and SAE. --(11月16日)------------------------------------------------------------------------ やっとビザが得られたようで11月20日に出発、22日頃?から運用開始、出来るだけ多くのバンド/ モードで QRVしたいと。 何時まで運用? ★Subject: 425 DX News #602 * 16 November 2002 3C - Vitaly, VE6JO has received his visa [425DXN 599] and will leave for Bioko Island (AF-010), Equatorial Guinea on 20 November. The licence has been issued (3C2MV) and he plans to operate on as many bands and modes as possible. [TNX The Daily DX] --(10月31日)------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vitaly VE6JOによる DXペディは、免許は取得済みですが、VISAの発行には赤道ギネアのローカル 住民の推薦が必要だそうで、未だ VISAが得られていないので計画がどうなるか判りません。 ★Subject: 425 DX News #599 * 26 October 2002 Vitaly, VE6JO plans to be active from Bioko Island (AF-010), Equatorial Guinea between around 2 and 24 November. The licence has been issued (3C2MV, even though he had requested 3C2A), but Vitaly is still waiting for the visa, which cannot be issued until a person with local residence status sends an invi- tation. [TNX OPDX Bulletin] --(10月19日)------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8月公表の Vitaly VE6JOによる来月の赤道ギネアからの運用計画については、その後別段のニュ ースはありませんが、旨く行けば小型ビームとリニアーアンプも持参する由。 ★425 DX News #591 * 31 August 2002 3C, EQUATORIAL GUINEA. Vitaly, VE6JO, informs OPDX that he plans to be here November 2-24th (tentatively). He states that his license was issued with the callsign 3C2A and as requested with all bands and all modes privileges. However, Vitaly is waiting for a copy to be FAXed to him (So, he has not seen it yet). He is also waiting for his visa. Vitaly will take with him his own equipment: FT-847, Sigma-5 vertical and some wire antennas for 40, 80 and (maybe) 160m. He is trying to locate a small beam and a solid state amplifier (weight of the luggage is very limited). Presently, his license is for 100 watts, but if he gets the amplifier, he will have to change his license to a higher power (this is an extra premium charge on his license).
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Malabo (AF-010), Equatorial Guinea (赤道ギネア)
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