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Togo * 5V7C-2004  
概 要
UpDated: 2004/02/12 → 03/21
 コール:   	5V7C
 * 運用期間:	(2004/03/06〜03/13) → 2004/03/05〜03/13
 * メンバー:	F5CW, F4AJQ, F5TVG, F5JSD, F8BUI, F5VHQ/OE5TGL 
 * バンド他:	6-160M bands * CW, SSB, RTTY/PSK 
    Band    10M    12M    15M    17M    20M    30M    40M    80M  160M 
    CW      28014  24892  21014  18071  14014  10115  7014  3514  (注) 
    SSB     28444  24966  21266  18140  14266    -    7057  3790       
    PSK31   28122         21072         14072                          
    RTTY    28082         21082         14082 
         (注) 160M  JA/Asia: TX 1822.5  QSX 1812/1815
                    EU:      TX 1832    QSX 1835/1840
                    NA/SA:   TX 1832    QSX 1833/1835	   (6M は省略)
	     160M の QRG は 1829kHz に変更 (03/12) 

 * QTH:     	Lome, Togo  * 06.08'N / 001.14'W 
 * Sun-:    	Date     Rise    Set 
            	Mar-05   0609z   1804z 
            	Mar-13   0606    1803  
 * JA1→5V: 	方位= 308゚(SP),    距離= 13,700Km 

 * Web-site:
   ログ検索: (Now OK. 3/21) 
 * QSL via: 	Franck Savoldi - F5TVG, 
            	P.O. Box 92, 94223 CHARENTON Cedex, FRANCE.

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最新 情報

 ●Date: 2004/02/12 → 03/21 ●Subject: 5V7C * Togo  * By 6 Oprs
--(03月21日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- ログ検索が可能になりました。 5V7C の最終実績は 17,500 QSO とあります。 JA からはどの程度ゲットできたか不明ですが、 あまり多くはなかったと思います。 --(03月12日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- ログ検索は帰国後に - 2004/03/08 19:00j Team have not yet obtained internet at this time so the log will be online only after the end of dxpedition. お馴染みのトップバンダー Rys SP5EWY が 160M について下記情報を提供. 時間帯は申し分ない が、段々条件は厳しくなっていくと .. ★Subject: Topband: 5V7C Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 10:30:49 +0100 Hi All, News from Dany F5CW for coming night: All skeds for 5V7C Barefoot 100 W / Titanex V80E ... JA/UA0 2030/2145z 1829 QSX JA 1817 / UA0 1832 for 9V1 ... 2230/2300 1829 qsx 1814/15 Eur 2200/2300 1829 QSX 1831/32 NA 2330/0130 1829 QSX 1831/32 Eur again 0500/0600z 73 GL, Rys SP5EWY --(03月07日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3月05日21:15Z に運用を開始した 5V7C は、極東方面向けの 80, 160M が 18:00-21:45Z と伝えて います。 但し、160M のチャンスは限定されるでしょう。 一方、滞在しているホテルの屋上ではローバンドアンテナの支線を留められないとも云っています。 ★Subject: 425 DX News #670 * 6 March 2004 5V - The team's plan for working 160 and 80 metres is as follows: - 18.00-21.45 UTC Pacific and East Asia; - 21.45-23.00 UTC Central Asia + Africa /Indian Ocean; - 23.00-02.00 UTC Europe, West Asia + Africa; - 02.00-04.00 UTC South and North America; - 04.00-05.00 UTC North America (West Coast); - 05.00-06.00 UTC KL7 and Pacific. [TNX QRZ-DX] ★Subject: 5V7C news From: Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2004 08:16:36 EST 着信 6 Mar 2004 22:26:14JST To:,, Hi friends Last news from the 5V7C crew: Friday 5th of March 2004 late evening; The first QSO appeared this evening, especially on 18 and 21. A beam and two slopers are assembled, checked and they work fine. It seems that WA2VUY and W6ED were the first hams to shoot the moon. Saturday, the 6th of March 2004. 1300 UTC; This early morning in Lome some QSO in RTTY were spotted by F, OK and JA hams. At this time, from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, the rest of the crew is onboard and is flying to Lome. The 160 and 80 m antennas are in the luggage, but will certainly erected in the garden of the Hotel for there is no possibility to anchor the guys, on the roof. Have a look on your favorite cluster, late in this evening. Frank, F4AQJ phoned me yersteday evening that there will not be any rest scheduled before the last antennas, transceivers and computers will be in order and checked. As they use several station, they manage to be on the air quite 24 hours/24. So the rest of the crew is flying now to Lome --(03月05日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- F5VHQ と F5TVG が既にトーゴの首都に到着しており、出来れば現地の5日午後には 6-40M で運用を 開始したいと。 残りのメインチームは 6日夜に 80, 160Mのアンテナを持って到着する予定。 運用期間中にログ検索が可能になるはず。 → 帰国後に (3/08) ★Subject: from the Togo Boys, de 5V7C Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 13:53:23 EST From: Hi friends This is the last message from John and Franck before to day departure to TOGO "The "pathfinder" team has just passed the check-in - without major problems. Luggage was above limit (as usual) but we managed to get through. Upon arrival we will prepare the shack and Friday morning we will look up the roof and "organize" some antenna masts. We hope to be qrv on 40m to 6m starting Friday p.m. The main team will arrive Saturday night with verticals for 80m and 160m. Please have a look at our band plans and operating plans. Looking forward to working you all. 73 de John, F5VHQ and Franck, F5TVG The pilots crew is now complete as: EU and French speaking countries : Bruno F5AGB NA - SA and central : Floyd N5FG AS - Mike UA0MF JA - Toshi JA1ELY VK/ZL - Lee ZL2AL Forwarded with 73 by Maurice F5NQL --(02月12日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- 此の計画は昨年12月の TO4E DXペディションが終わった直後に既に発表のあったものです。 TO4E を運用したベテランの Dany F5CW が加わっています。 他の詳しい情報は彼等の Webサイト をご覧下さい。 コール: 5V7C * 運用期間: 2004/03/06〜03/13 * メンバー: F5CW, F4AJQ, F5TVG, F5JSD, F8BUI, F5VHQ/OE5TGL * バンド他: 6-160M bands * CW, SSB, RTTY/PSK Band 10M 12M 15M 17M 20M 30M 40M 80M 160M CW 28014 24892 21014 18071 14014 10115 7014 3514 (注) SSB 28444 24966 21266 18140 14266 - 7057 3790 // 省略 // ★Subject: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #643 * January 12, 2004 5V, TOGO (Update from the 5V7C crew and F6KOP, Provins ARC). Operators Dominique/F5VHQ and Franck/F5TVG will arrive in Togo on the 4th of March to pick up the licences and begin to install the gear; especially the antennas on the traffic site. They will also do some testing. You may be able to contact 5V7C earlier than the 6th of March. This is when the rest of the crew will join F5VHQ and F5YVG. Visit the 5V7C Web site at: Sign their guestbook at: ★Subject: 425 DX News #661 * 3 January 2004 5V - Dany/F5CW, Franck/F4AJQ, Pascal/F5TVG, Pascal/F5JSD, Romain/F8BUI and Guenther/ F5VHQ (OE5TGL) will be active as 5V7C from Lome, Togo on 6-12 March. They will operate on 160-6 metres CW, SSB and digital modes. QSL via F5TVG (Franck Savoldi, P.O. Box 92, 94223 Charenton Cedex, France). For further information please visit or e-mail 5v7cあ [TNX F5NQL]

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