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AH3D-2003 * Johnston Island
概 要
 コール: 	AH3D 
運用期間:	2003/01/28 08:20z - 02/05 00:20z
バンド他:	6-160M * CW/SSB/RTTY 
Operators:	Martti OH2BH, Pertti OH2PM, Bernie W3UR  

QTH:      	Johnston Atoll  *  16.44'N / 169.32'W 
JA1→KH3: 	方位= 99°,   距離= 5,400Km 

日の出/日没:	Date	Rise	Set 
          	Jan-28	17:53z	05:08z
          	Feb-04	17:52z	05:12z 
通信可能バンド:	6-160M 

QSL via OH2BH:	2003 Johnston Atoll DXpedition, 
		P.O. Box 73, 02380 Espoo, Finland.
 Pilot局 :	Dr.Bill K6GNX	 (ログ検索は 2月16日付記事をご覧に)

Band Plan  

Mode * 160M 80M 40M 30M 20M 17M 15M 12M 10M 6M CW * 1827.5 3506 7006 10106 14024 18075 21024 24895 28024 50105 SSB * - 3795 7082 - 14195 18145 21295 24945 28495 50105 RTTY * 14085 21085 此の色の3つのスポットは最後まで運用しない。 (02/01)
kh3c.gif 12Kb
"KH3 map" From DXView-soft
最新 情報
 ●2003/01/28 → 02/18 ●Subject: AH3D * Johnston Is. * By OH2BH and ..
--(02月18日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- AH3D のDXペディションの最終成果は下記の通りで、JA からは満足が得られましたが、EU からは もっとやってほしかったのでと思われます。 ★Subject: [425ENG] 425 DX News #615 * 15 February 2003 AH3D ---> Bernie, W3UR provides a few more details about the recent AH3D operation from Johnston Island. The band by band break down is: Band SSB CW RTTY Total ----------------------------------- 160 23 718 0 741 80 1312 1629 0 2941 40 1107 1879 0 2986 30 0 2242 0 2242 20 4897 1402 43 6342 17 606 1962 0 2568 15 3569 401 726 4696 12 1877 62 0 1939 10 4349 0 0 4349 ----------------------------------- Total 17740 10295 769 28804 "One of our main goals was to give as many people a new one, especially in Europe", Bernie says. "In Europe we worked 1459 on CW, 3209 on SSB and 39 on RTTY for a total of 3,237 QSOs or about 11.2 % of the total QSOs". --(02月16日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- AH3D のログ検索が出来るようになりました。 と云っても Webページで自分のコールを入力して、 ではなく、下記方法でEメールを送れば自動的に返事が来ると云うものです。 To (宛先): <> Subject (件名): 一つのコールのみ (本文には 何も記入しない。自動的に入る署名も入れない) 試しに、やって見ると10秒程で返事が来ました。 ★Subject: [DX-NEWS] (Fwd) AH3D log search now up and running From: "Steve-KF2TI" <> To:, Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 23:17:20 -0000 Forwarded with permission ------- Forwarded message follows ------- Date forwarded: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 11:16:08 -0500 Date sent: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 16:01:58 +0000 From: "Bernie McClenny, W3UR" <> Subject: AH3D log search now up and running To: The Daily DX <> Forwarded by: As promised subscribers of The Daily DX and The Weekly DX are the first to know and try out the AH3D log search. I would personally like to thank N4GN, Tim, for helping out with this process. In order to check the AH3D log search you must do the following. 1. Send an e-mail to 2. Subject: "Call" - only one call per subject line 3. body of message should be blank. 4. Send e-mail message The process takes about 30-90 seconds. You will then receive a response back, in the form of an e-mail, stating your QSOs that are in the AH3D log. If you find that you are not in the log please read the complete e-mail carefully. 73 Bernie, W3UR Bernie McClenny, W3UR Editor of The Daily DX, The Weekly DX and How's DX. ------- End of forwarded message ------- 73, Steve - KF2TI --(02月10日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★Subject: 425 DX News #614 * 08 February 2003 AH3D - The three operators were due to leave the island at 23 UTC on 4 February. Their schedule was to shut down around 19 UTC, but they went off the air at about 12 UTC, packed up gear and antennas, and after six hours of sleep got back on the air using the equipment at the local amateur radio club. They were able to operate until almost 00 UTC, when they were told the airplane was ready to board. AH3D made a total of 28,808 QSOs (17744 SSB, 10295 CW, 769 RTTY) in six days of operating. [TNX The Daily DX] --(02月05日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- K6GNX からの情報にも係わらず 5日00:20z 頃まで運用した。 多分飛行機の発進が遅くなり時間の 余裕が出来た為と思われますが、ベテランの3人の健闘により QSO実績は優に3万を越し、多くの 皆さんも満足の行く結果を得た事でしょう。 --(02月04日-2)----------------------------------------------------------------------- QRT は 2月05日 04:00j 頃(19:00z Feb-04)で 離島は 08:00j 頃の予定。 QSO実績= 27,500. 今日は 10/15/20M と、おまけで 30M も運用。 ★Subject: [DX-NEWS] AH3D update #8 Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2003 17:26:19 -0800 → 着信: 4 Feb 2003 11:34:09jst From: DRBILL <> Dear Editors, I just spoke with Martti and he said that the team is at 27.5K QSOs. They will have 1 and maybe 2 stations on tonight. They will be limited to 10/15/20 plus a bonus of 30 meters. Everyone is fine and in good spirits. They had pushed themselves very hard (read very little sleep) but started to relax a bit this morning. They will leave the island at 23Z on the 4th. This means the last QSO will be appro- ximately 19Z on the 4th. Cheers DrBill K6GNX AH3D Pilot --(02月04日-1)----------------------------------------------------------------------- パイロット局 K6GNX のEメールから; 同島を離れるのは日本時間の2月05日朝(現地4日午後1時) 9時頃に。 ローバンドアンテナの撤収は 4日朝jst、その後は 10/15/20M のみとなる。 これ迄の実績は 22,000 QSOs。 2日夜と昨夜は 160M (80M) でバリバリこなしたが、それはシャッ クの傍にある大きな施設から出るノイズが週末の休みで消えた為。 信号も強く普段余り聞かない JA局のコールが沢山聞かれました。 :-) ★Subject: [DX-NEWS] AH3D update #7 Date: Sun, 02 Feb 2003 14:02:09 -0800 → 着信: 03 feb 2003 10:32:47jst From: DRBILL <> Dear Editors, The team will be on 20 RTTY for EU ONLY starting at 0700Z or a little before. The LF antennas will come down Monday afternoon and only the 10/15/20 tribander will stay up. They will have one station on Monday night but only on the tribander. Pertti stayed up all night last night for the low bands and Martti took over from Bernie in the early morning hours on 160. They are up to 22K total QSOs. Last night they made 700 Q's on 80 and 300 on 160. Martti says that there are large industrial buildings nearby that might be the source their low band noise. The buildings were shut down for the weekend and he is hoping that tonight will also be very productive on 80 and 160 like last night so if you didn't make it before try tonight. They will do some more WARC band operation and they might activate one more band mode like 17 SSB or 12 CW. They leave at 1PM (local) Tuesday from Johnston Island. Cheers DrBill K6GNX AH3D Pilot --(02月01日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2月01日 22:44:08JST 着信の K6GNX のEメールによると、出来るだけ多くのハムにバンドニュー を与えるために 10CW, 12CW, 17SSB では運用しない。 と云う事は 10SSB, 12SSB, 17CW は運用。 75M SSBでアクティブだが 2日夜に 80M CWでも運用、又 30Mも続ける。 --(01月31日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- AH3D は今日の夕方 17:20j 頃から 1827.5kHz に QRV。 12/17M は明日に QRV。 現地 月曜日の夜に 10, 20M を最後に閉局予定。 と云う事は日本時間の4日(火)午後に QRT。 ★Subject: [DX-NEWS] update #4 AH3D From: DRBILL <> Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 23:15:30 -0800 → 着信: 31 Jan 2003 20:57:39jst Dear Editors, I spoke with Pertti on 75 and he said 160 at about 10Z 31 JAN. 12/17 tomorrow. The last operation will be on Monday night local time on Johnston Island on 20 and 10 (last antennas to come down). Cheers DrBill K6GNX Pilot AH3D --(01月30日-2)----------------------------------------------------------------------- 今日 18:45JST の Martti OH2BH によると 160M のアンテナは明日に上げる。 ★Subject: Topband: AH3D From: "Garry Shapiro" ( Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 09:50:53 -0000 → 着信: 30 Jan 2003 20:19:27jst Martti, on 40m SSB at about 0945Z, says the 160 antenna will go up "tomorrow". Garry, NI6T --(01月30日-1)----------------------------------------------------------------------- EU 方面との QSOで 30 や 40M はマルチパスでゆっくりした CW が良いと。 でも昨日の晩方は そんなに遅くないスピードで結構 EUをさばいていた。 160M は今夜の予定だが、若し駄目なら 明晩に。 RTTY は 15と 20M で明日にスタートするかと。 12, 17M も多分明日に。 ★Subject: [DX-NEWS] AH3D update #3 From: DRBILL <> Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 17:17:43 -0800 Dear Editors, I just spoke with Bernie and he asked me to pass the following info to all the bulletins: The team is experiencing multipath on 30 and 40 from EU which is making copy difficult. Slow down CW to make copy easier. The 160 antenna is going up and they might be on tonight but if not then tomorrow night. RTTY may start tomorrow on 15 and 20. The 12/17 antenna needs a truck to connect the feed line and will probably be on tomorrow. Everyone is fine, it is hot compared to Finland and the NE USA right now and they are feeling the heat. Cheers DrBill K6GNX Pilot --(01月29日-2)----------------------------------------------------------------------- 80M用ダイポールは今日上がり CW は2夜、その後 75M SSB はそのダイポール長を縮めて使用。 (K6GNX が云っている「月の出」は 6M のパスに良い、は本当?) ★Subject: [DX-NEWS] Update #2 AH3D Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 17:49:25 -0800 From: DRBILL <> Dear Editors, More news from AH3D. I spoke with Martti on 15 SSB and he said that they now have an 80 meter dipole up very high and will be on 80 CW for 2 nights, then shorten the dipole for SSB afterwards. I mentioned that moon rise might be a good 6 meter path. DrBill K6GNX Pilot --(01月29日-1)------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★パイロット局 K6GNX 経由 W3UR からのインフォ: OH2BH と W3UR は安全に同島に到着。(OH2PM はどう?)。 トライバンドビームを(30M ダイポール も) 既に上げており、15, 20M に続き10M SSB は閉局まで運用する。 40Mダイポールは今夜設置。 明日にローバンドワイヤーアンテナに続いて 17,12Mアンテナを上げる。 昨日の段階ではベアー フットで QRV。 (JAからは近場なので昨夜の 30 CW は強く一発コールで応答有り)。 インターネットは使用しないと思われログ検索は帰国後。(リクエストがあれば K6GNX にEメール すると空でチームに連絡を取ってくれるでしょう)。 ★Subject: [425ENG] AH3D Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 01:42:29 +0100 (CET) → 着信: 29 Jan 2003 09:46:10jst From: ))) AH3D ((( The following announcement comes from Bernie McClenny - W3UR, Editor of "The Daily DX" (via Bill - K6GNX): Martti, Pertti, and Bernie arrived safely. The AH3D team has put up the tribander and will stay on 10 SSB until it closes followed by 15 and 20. They have a 30 meter dipole up and will have a 40 meter dipole up later tonight. Running the FT-1000 barefoot this afternoon they had S9+10 sigs on the West Coast. They will add the amps later. The 17/12 ant will go up tomorrow followed by the low band wires. There will most likely be no email from Johnston Island which means no on line logs etc. Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ/KB2TJM 425 DX News Editor --(01月28日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- 緊急のDXニュースが "The Daily DX" の Bernie W3UR から発信されました。 現在ジョンストン島にある化学兵器処理施設をなくして、後は同島の管理を米国魚類野生生態 サービス(FWS) に委(ゆだ)ねられる。 そしてジョンストン島クラブ局 KJ6BZ はなくなる。 同島に自然環境保護の網がかぶせられると、KP1 や KP5 同様に将来のDXペディションが非常に 困難になる恐れがあるので、今回のペディは是非押えて置きたいところです。 コール: AH3D * 期間: 2003年1月27日→2月04日 * QTH: Johnston Atoll ★Subject: [425ENG] AH3D Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 22:59:33 +0100 (CET) From: ))) AH3D ((( The following announcement comes from Bernie McClenny, W3UR, Editor of The Daily DX: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved a plan to permanently close a chemical weapons disposal facility on Johnston Island. After the completion of the cleanup facility on Johnston Island is expected to close soon and an administration change will soon put the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) in charge of the overall operations of this U.S. territory. Future DXpeditions to Johnston Island, KH3, may be much more difficult. On top of all of this the Johnston Island Club station KJ6BZ will be dismantled. Finnish operators OH2BH, Martti Laine, and OH2PM, Pertti Simovaara, along with DX editor W3UR, Bernie McClenny have obtained special permission to visit, document and operate from the club station for one week and just before the demolition, which is scheduled just days after the operation. In the spirit of "cleanup," the ham radio team is going to do its best to "clean up the demand" for KH3 for Europe, low bands and WARC bands. The AH3D crew will also "tidy up" on 6 meters and RTTY. The all band CW, SSB and RTTY operation is scheduled to take place from January 27 to February 4. The group will use proven sanitation materials, and the recently launched DXpedition grade Yaesu FT-857 and FT-897 radios with multiple amplifiers. They will use a variety of antennas to spray their signals across the airwaves includ- ing a TH11, 3-element 10 meter beam, duo bander for 12 and 17 meters and various wires for the low bands. To help manage the cleanup K6GNX, Dr. Bill Avery, will step in as the team's pilot station. He will act as a point person to relay news between the operating crew and the DX community. Bill can be reached via e-mail to This may very well be the last big sweep from Johnston Island for a long time. Those wishing to fill their needed list should monitor the following frequencies: CW 1827.5, 3506, 7006, 10106, 14024, 18075, 21024, 24895, 28024, 50105 SSB 3795, 7082, 14195, 18145, 21295, 24945, 28495, 50105 RTTY 14085 or 21085 QSL via OH2BH, 2003 Johnston Atoll DXpedition, P.O. Box 73, 02380 Espoo, Finland.
★下段の記事は2001年9月の K3J DXペディ★   此のDXペディの実績は2万局弱で、その内 CWが 20%弱、残りは SSB。 40M は余り多くなく 6Mは11局で 30Mはゼロ
 ● Date: 2001/08/11 → 9/21 ● Subject: K3J-2001 * Johnston Is * #2
本件は  K3J-2001 * Johnston Atoll * #2  をご覧下さい
--(09月21日)----------------------------------------------------------------------- K3J は UTC の9月20日中に運用を終えました。 --(09月19日)----------------------------------------------------------------------- 本チームはメンバー4人の少人数で、同時多発テロ事件で出発遅れなどもあり、大分疲れている様子 ですが、頑張ってくれています。 コール: K3J * Johnston Atoll メンバー: Dan KH6UW, Mike AL7KC, Bob W7TSQ and Tom K7ZZ 運用期間: 2001/009/14 - 09/20 バンド他: 10-160M + 6M * CW/SSB Web site:

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