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C6A-2008 * Bahamas 
Ham Radio DX-Pedition *
概 要
Updated: 2008/10/11
 * コール:  	C6ATA/K2KW,  C6ARR/N6BT,  C6AKX/KE7X 
  in WW test:	     80M           160M          20M 
 * 運用期間:	2008年11月23日〜12月01日 
 * メンバー: 	Kenny K2KW, Tom N6BT, Fred KE7X 
 * バンド他: 	20-160M Bands  * CW, SSB 
 * QTH:      	Eleuthera, Bahamas  * 25.10'N / 076.09'W 
 * JA1→C6:  	方位=35゜ * 距離=12,300Km 
             	Google地図= 25.10'N / 076.09'W
 * Sun-:     	Date      Rise   Set 
             	Nov-23    1128z  2215z 
             	Nov-27    1130   2214 
             	Dec-01    1133   2214
 * K2KW Site: (before 2004)
 * QSL via:  	WA4WTG

最新 情報

 ●Date: 2008/10/11 → 10/12 ●Subject: C6ATAs * Bahamas  * By 3 oprs
--(10月12日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- K2KW からの第3信が届き、QTH は 2006年に教えて貰った所と同じか、と問うと数10メーター左の 2つの建物との返事。 今回予定のアンテナファームの画像が添付されていた。 Google Earth を インストールしている方は下のリンクをクリックされると良い。
★Subject: Re: Hello Yosi  (K2KW からの第3信)
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2008 08:30:55 -0400
From: Kenneth Silverman, K2KW 

Hello Yosi, 	    Google Earth: k2kw_C6A.kmz

Thank you for posting our information!
k2kw_c6_antennas.jpg 58KB
The Google Earth location was our 2006 QTH. Our 2007/2008 location are the two villas to the left of your location. I have attached a kmz file for the 160m antenna location :-) I have also attached the proposed antenna layout for 2008 You will see a lot of 80m antennas! I hope to use in-band SO2R during the contest to increase my score by using the verticals on the RUN station, and the 80m SO2R dipole (14m high) on the S&P radio. The 80m TX (transmit) dipole is about 33m high and will be used for SA, though it may help to JA too. The verticals will be aimed at about 30 degrees, which is what I usually do for most contests, and the gain to JA is slightly better than a single vertical. There will not be a problem working JA!! We may also put up an RX antenna for 80/160 but in most cases we have not needed it. I have not updated my K2KW website in a few years, so there is only info from previous operations. The contest callsigns are: 160m: C6ARR - N6BT op 80m: C6ATA - K2KW op 20m: C6AKX - KE7X op QSL via WA4WTG for all callsigns. Before the contest, I think we will only be operational on 160-20m. Best regards, Kenny K2KW --(10月11日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- 毎年 WW DX CW コンテスト時期に出かけていく Kenny K2KW から久し振りにEメールが届いた。 2005年までは、ジャマイカに出かけていたが其処の貸し別荘が売却されたので 2006年からは行き 先をバハマに変更。 只、その国の当局が最大出力を 250W に制限しているのが一番の難点。その 件については、彼の第2信でも触れている。 彼等は JA に好意を持っており、K2KW はアンテナについては豊富な経験と知識を持っていて出力 制限の劣勢をかなりカバーしてくれる事を期待したい。 今回使用のアンテナはEメールをご覧に。 昨年も少数ながら JA と 160Mで QSO しており、80M でも極めて低いアンテナにも拘わらず結構 QSO 出来た、云っている。 今年は、より多くの時間を JA サービスに割くと。 ローバンドの JA 向け運用開始は 11月24日(月) 夜jst からの見込み。 要望があれば Kenny K2KW にEメールをされるように。 (私は、少なく共 80M は、と伝えた)。 ★Subject: Hello Yosi (K2KW からの第1信) Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 21:31:15 -0400 From: Kenneth Silverman, K2KW <kenny.k2kwあ> Hello Yosi, I just thought I would let you know of our plans for the CQWWCW contest. N6BT/C6ARR, KE7X/C6AKX and K2KW/C6ATA will be returning to Eleuthera, Bahamas with ope- rations from Nov 23 to Dec 1. This will be a low power operation. Our main focus is 160, 80 & 20m, though there may be operations on other bands too. Here is a description of our antennas: 160m antenna: 17m tall, top loaded vertical. This antenna is of similar design to 2007, and it's our most efficient 160m antenna from any operation. We did work some JA's in 2007 on Top Band, but we didn't spend as much time on 160 as we should have. We will be much more active looking for JA this year. 80m antenna: 2 ele vertical on beach + a dipole up 35m. Last year we worked a number of JA's on 80m using a dipole 3m high on a small cliff up 12m. We should have a better signal on 80m this year. 20m: 2 ele vertical (to JA) Various wires on other bands. The path from C6 to JA often goes through the aural oval, which makes signals highly variable as compared to our 6Y operations. When conditions are OK, we have the antennas to work JA where most other C6 stations cannot. We are sorry in advance that we will not have an amplifier. We will try and work as many JA's as possible on 80 & 160m. 73, and hope to see you on the bands. Kenny K2KW ★Subject: Re: Hello Yosi (K2KW からの第2信) From: Kenneth Silverman, K2KW Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 09:29:06 -0400 Hello Yosi, Yes, long time no see. I hope you are doing well. As you know, the power limit is 250 watts in C6, and I have not heard of anyone getting permission for an amplifier. I know some people have used one in the past. N8PR (?) who usually goes to C6 in Feb brings a small amp, but "says" he only runs 250 watts. I know our location and antenna(s) are much better than his, and I suspect our LP signal is equal or better than his even if he ran 500w. As I mentioned, we didn't spend a lot of time trying to work JA on 160 last year. The 160m antenna went up last, and we were often too tired at that point to get up early. N6BT will not arrive until Sunday Nov 23 in the afternoon, and he is bringing the 160m antenna. We will try to put up the 160 antenna on late Sunday afternoon, but it may not be possible. I suspect we will be QRV on 160 (for JA) on Tuesday morning, Nov 25th. Watch for packet spots, as we might be QRV on the 24th! During the contest last year, N6BT/C6ARR was QRP on 160m. His best QSO was with a VK6! Working VK6 is hard from C6 even with high power, so we know this antenna and QTH is work- ing well on Top Band. N6BT did try calling some JA's in the contest, but could not work them. Last year on 80m, we only used a (very) low dipole, and we were surprised at the number of JA's we did work. The dipole was only ~3m high at the center, and about 1m high at the ends! But the dipole was at the edge of a small 12m high cliff overlooking the ocean. I will be operating on 80m in the contest, and I will get up early to work JA on 80m before the contest. I am arriving late on Nov 22, so I don't know if I will be able to get an antenna up before the sun goes down. I will likely be QRV on Monday morning Nov 24th (local time) for JA. Thank you for posting the information, and I hope to give you a new one on 80m! As always, QSL is via WA4WTG for all operators. 73, Kenny K2KW
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