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Morokulien Peace Replic - 2004 

概 要

Updated: 2004/07/01
コール: LG5LG & SJ9WL
By ARIM (Amateur Radio In Morokulien) 運用期間: 2004年07月27日〜08月09日 (Alda PP5ASN の運用に限る) バンド他: 14,277kHz SSB   (Alda PP5ASN の運用に限る) QSL info: Via PP5ASN   (Alda PP5ASN の運用に限る) 運用期間: LG5LG, SJ9WL の両局はハムライセンスがあれば誰でも   運用出来るので、特定されない.   (パケクラを見ても、両局共、数年前より実績あり) バンド他: 6-160M CW/SSB 等 QSL info: Via SM5DJZ ← 通常のルート QTH: Fredsriket Morokulien (Morokulien Peace Replic) 012.15'E / 59.56'N JA1→MPR: 方位= 336゚(SP), 距離= 8,400Km 日の出/日没: Date Rise Set July 27 0254z 1941z Aug 02 0307 1928 Aug 09 0322 1911 Web サイト:

最新 情報

 ●Date: 2004/06/28 ●Subject: LG5LG & SJ9WL * Brand new? 
---(06月28日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6月28日付の Ohio/Penn DX ブリテン 666号が伝えるところによると、スエーデンとノルウェーの 国境にあるモロクレン平和共和国から Alda PP5ASN が LG5LG と SJ9WLのコールで 7月27日〜8月 09日の間、14,277 kHz で運用すると。 気になる DXCC エンティティの取り扱いは不明。 同一場所から2つの国のコールサインで運用出来るのは面白い。 但し、個人的には DXCC では別エンティティにはならないのではないかと思います。 今回の情報で、わざわざ此のページをつくる程の意味があるのか? です。
LG5LG_SJ9WL-map1.jpg 44kb LG5LG_SJ9WL-map2.png 11kb モロクレンに一番近い町は Eda(Sweden) と Magnor(Norway)。 QTH: 012.15'E/59.56'N は首都オスロの東 82Km に位置する。 (This maps referred to MS World Atlas).
★North Jersey DX Association Presents DX Tips * SJ, Morokulen * Tuesday July 27 through August 9 By PP5ASN - Alda, as LG5LG, SJ9WL in 14.277 kHz during the Jul 27 to Aug 09 from Fredsri- ket Morokulen (Morokulen Peace Replic). This little republic is located between the borders of Sweden and Norway and have a small territory of a little of hectars. It was founded to honour the peace between of that countries. QSL via PP5ASN. ★Welcome on IZ8BRI'WebSite June 28, 2004 * The Radioempire MOROKULIEN, established in 1959 is bordering Norway in west and Sweden in east. The nearest towns are Eda in Sweden and Magnor in Norway. The Empire is administrated by the Norwegian and the Swedish Societies of Peace and these erected a monument in 1914 memorating the 100-year peace between the two countries. The monument is 18 meter high and made in granite. Morokulien has gradually become a popular place for tourists and there are holiday resorts, tourist information, restaurant fuelstation, money exchange office etc. From the 30th of June 1968 Morokulien also has its own radiostation LGSLG. The station LGSLG was estoblished by the Norwegian Radio Relay League's fund for handicapped radioamateurs - LASLG Memorial fund -. LGSLG may be operated by all licensed radioamateurs. TNX PS7AB, PP5SZ & IK8OZZ ★ Subject: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #666 * June 28, 2004 SJ9, MOROKULEN PEACE REPUBLIC (Interesting Operation of the Week!). OPDX was informed that the Norsk Radio Relae Liga, LG5LG, will be active as SJ9WL on 14277 kHz between July 27th and August 9th from Fredsriket Morokulen (Morokulen Peace Replic). We have been told that this is a little republic located between the borders of Sweden and Norway. It was founded to honor the peace between the two countries. QSL via PP5ASN.

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