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Timor-Leste * 4W-2003


概 要
			[Updated: 2003/07/20]

 コール:  	4W3JEG 
 運用期間:	2003/05/27 〜  
 バンド他:	HF Bands * SSB & CW?
 QSL via: 	JR3HPS  

コール: 4W1BK, 4W2DN 運用期間: 2003/05/24〜05/29 → 2003/05/24 〜 05/28 バンド他: 10-160M * CW/SSB QSL Info: 4W1BK via WA2MOE= Stuart P. Greene, 7537 N 28th Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85051, USA. 4W2DN via JR2KDN= Yuu Yoshida, 4th floor, Kato Building, 529 Rokugaike, Kita-ku, Nagoya 462-0002, Japan. 〒462-0002 名古屋市北区六が池町529 加藤ビル4F, 吉田雄一
コール: 4W3CW By G3WQU 運用期間: 2003/05/23 〜 06/29 バンド他: HF Bands * CW QSL via: Peter McKay, ( より) UNMISET, P.O Box 2436, Darwin, NT 0801, AUSTRALIA. (参考: UNMISET= United Nations Mission of Support in East Timor)
コール: 4W3DX By TF3MM ex-4W6MM 運用期間: 2003/05/16 〜 06/23 バンド他: HF Bands * CW/RTTY Web サイト: QSL via: Thorvaldur Stefansson - TF3MM, Skulagata 32-34, IS-101, Reykjavik, Iceland.
QTH: Dili, Timor-Leste * 08.34'S / 125.35'E JA1→4W: 方位= 200゚ (SP), 距離= 5,150Km 日の出/日没: Date Rise Set Jun-10 21:51z 09:23z Jun-20 21:54z 09:25z Jun-30 21:55z 09:27z 通信可能バンド: 6-160M

「東ティモール民主共和国」の概要 (外務省ページより)

最新 情報

 ●Date: 2003/05/24 → 08/20 ●Subject: 4Ws * Timor-Leste * 東ティモール
--(08月20日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- JA1BK, WA2MOE 両局から ARRL へ申し立てのあった 「国連暫定統治下の東ティモール (UNTAET) と、2002年05月20日の独立後の東ティモールが 同一エンティティであるとするのは、ARRLによるDXCCルールの判断ミスである。 国連暫定統治下の東ティモール(UNTAET)は消滅エンティティとし、2002年05月20日の独立後の 東ティモールをニューワンにすべき」 に対して、ARRL はアワード委員会にて検討した結果、DXCCルールに照らしても ARRLの判断は正しく、 満場一致で申し立てを却下する事に決定した、と報じています。 (私は「変更がないとなれば、ARRL からは別段の公式発表はないと思われます。」と書きましたが、 DX界の第一人者からの申し立てに、敬意を表し正式な手続きに則って答えを出したと云う事でしょう。) ARRL のアナウンスの内容 → 4W-EastTimor_Decision-2003.htm (英文, 3Kb) --(08月16日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- 海外のメーリングリストに、DXCC Entity List上の東ティモールの取り扱いについて質問が出たが それに Nelson KU0A が答えている。 その内容はこれまでと同様で変更はないと。 ★Subject: RE: [DX-NEWS] East Timor From: "Nelson Moyer" <> Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 18:41:12 -0500 I asked Bill Moore that very question this week because Timor-Leste has replaced East Timor on the May 2003 DXCC Country List. He said they are one and the same for DXCC, i.e. all bands and modes credited for East Timor count for Timor-Leste. He said it was merely a name change, like Yugoslavia becoming Serbia and Montenegro, which was also new on the latest country list. I guess that means Stu's and Kan's petition has been denied. Nelson, KU0A -----Original Message----- Sent: Friday, August 15, 2003 5:19 PM Subject: [DX-NEWS] East Timor What is the latest on East Timor as regards acceptance for DXCC? Regards to all, Frank VK1ZL --(07月11,14日)---------------------------------------------------------------------- "425 DX News" ブリテンによると、独立後に免許された 4W 各局が DXCC に認められたと。 但し、 4W6MM は今年5月22日以降が有効と云う事で、それ以前は駄目のよう。又、4W3AN の運用は未だなし。 一方 ARRL からは東ティモールの取り扱いの変更について、別段のアナウンスなし。 ★Subject: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #618 * July 14, 2003 (7/14) DXCC NEWS. Bill Moore, NC1L, ARRL DXCC Manager, announced this past week that the following stations are approved for DXCC credit for Timor-Leste: 4W1BK (Effective 22 May 2003) 4W3CW (Effective 16 May 2003) 4W3AN (Effective 19 May 2003) 4W3DX (Effective 22 May 2003) ★Subject: 425 DX News #636 * 12 July 2003 (7/11) DXCC NEWS --> The following operations from Timor Leste (East Timor) have been approved for DXCC credit: 4W1BK (effective 22 May 2003), 4W3AN (effective 19 May 2003), 4W3CW (effective 16 May 2003), 4W3DX (effective 22 May 2003), 4W6MM (effective 22 May 2003). --(06月20日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- 昨今、話題に取り上げられている 4Wの扱いについて、下記Eメールによると、DXCC デスクの 責任者 Bill Moore NC1L との話しでは、Bill の見解としてエンティティの変更はないようだ、 と。 変更がないとなれば、ARRL からは別段の公式発表はないと思われます。 ★Subject: [DX-CHAT] 4W Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 15:52:15 -0500 From: "Mike(W5UC) & Kathy(K5MWH) Watson" <> For what it's worth: In a conversation with Bill Moore yesterday, He advised that in His opinion, the status of 4W is not likely to change. Relax!!!!! --(06月13日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stu WA2MOE は東ティモールについて;「ARRLのDXCCルールの判断ミスによる国連暫定統治下の東 ティモール(UNTAET) は消滅エンティティとし、2002年05月20日の独立後の東ティモールをニュー ワンにすべき」との請願が ARRLに提出された、と述べています。 そして ARRL が迅速に検討しその誤りを認め、独立後の Timor Leste をニューワンとするように 期待していると。 ★Subject: [DX-NEWS] Fwd: Timor Leste Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 19:26:15 -0500 From: K9AJ <> ----- Fowarded ----- Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 16:57:41 -0700 From: Stu Greene <> Subject: Timor Leste A petition was filed with the Chief Executive Officer of ARRL today seeking removal of UNTAET (United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor) from the DXCC entities list and for the addition of Timor Leste as an entity. The DXCC2000 rule under which 4W was added reads: "b. The entity has been assigned a call sign prefix bloc by the ITU. A provisional prefix bloc assignment may be made by the Secretary General of ITU. Should such provisional assignments not be ratified later by the full ITU, the Entity will be removed from the DXCC List " The assignment was not ratified and UNTAET returned it to ITU which has reissued the block 4WA-4WZ to Timor Leste. It is the position of JA1BK and myself that the addition of 4W to the DXCC entities list was premature and that a mistake was made. This mistake has been acknowledged by one of the gentlemen who made it. ARRL is comprised of people and has, in the past, acknowledged mistakes when countries were deleted under the former DXCC rules. Islands which proved not to have existed are an example and the island of Okinotorishima was deleted because it simply was mistakenly added to the list. We expect that after due and hopefully prompt consideration ARRL will understand the fact that a mistake has been made and that Timor Leste will be added to the entities list. There was a five day operation a few weeks ago in Timor Leste and there is a continuing operation there at the present time. The bulletins will have the information WA2MOE --(05月28日-1)----------------------------------------------------------------------- 4W1BK と 4W2DN の両局がアクティブに運用していますが 5月26日には 160M で強力な信号が入って 来て、多数の JA局のパイルを受けていました。 その他 80, 40M 等でもアクティブ。 JL1PPS 大坂さんから 4W1BK via WA2MOE のご連絡を頂きました。(Not via JA1BK, Thank you) --(05月28日-2)----------------------------------------------------------------------- WPX コンテスト期間中から QRVしている 4W3CW は G3WQU による運用と思われ QSL は別記アドレス へ。 彼の滞在日程は不明。 ARRL, DXCC デスクの Wayne Mills, N7NG が此の Timor-Leste の取り扱いについてアナウンスする との期待が持たれている。 ★Subject: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #611 * May 26, 2003 ADDED NOTES: Since this press release, there seems to be another operator other than the team of Kan/JA1BK (4W1BK) and Yuu/JR2KDN (4W2DN) who has been active. A station signing 4W3CW has been active on 30/20/15/10 meters CW and was active in the CQ WPX Contest this past weekend. The operator was heard sending QSL via It seems that the operator is Peter, G3WQU. His length of stay is unknown. Also, no comments or announcements have been made from the DXCC Desk. Hopefully, something may be said by Wayne Mills, N7NG, after the holiday on Monday. Stay tuned. --(05月28日-3)----------------------------------------------------------------------- 4W3DX を運用していた Thor TF3MM は、下記Eメールではカードの発行は彼の帰国後クリスマス 前になるだろうと。 しかし 別の情報では彼は直ちに本国帰還を希望していると。(彼は 5/31 に 帰国するとか)。 上段の彼のWeb サイトを見ると今までの東ティモールにおけるハムの活動振りが分かり、4W6MM 等 彼局のログ検索が出来ます. (4W6MM は JA 局と約15,000 のQSO。 4W3DX のログは未だ)。 ★Subject: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #611 * May 26, 2003 4W, EAST TIMOR. Thor, TF3MM, is also currently active from here as 4W3DX and is expected to be there for another week. He is using a rhombic antenna (leg lengths are 115 meters, up 50 meters beaming EU). Most of his activity has been on 15 and 20 meters CW. Watch 21008 kHz after 2115z and 14002-14003 kHz between 1130-1800z. QSL via TF3MM. Thor states that he will QSL when he gets back to TF-land (should be done before Christmas). --(05月24日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- 東ティモールについて; 噂によると「国連暫定統治下の東ティモール(UNTAET) は消滅エンティ ティとなり、2002年05月20日の独立後の東ティモールがニューワンになるかも」と。 下段の DXログ検索リンク集でも紹介した Dave VA3RJ からのEメールによると、Stu WA2MOE が その可能性を示唆し JA1BK, JR2KDN の両局が東ティモールより数日間運用すると。 私は上記の運用が実際に行われるか知りませんが、「独立後の東ティモールがニューワンになる」 には否定的です。 東ティモールの正式名称は「東ティモール民主共和国」(RDTL= Republica Democratica de Timor Leste / The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste。 "Leste" はポルトガル語の "東")。 一方 4W3DX (QSL via TF3MM) が 5月16日から 15/20/40M等(主として CW) でアクティブに QRV している。 ★Subject: [DX-NEWS] I.C.P.O. Update (May 22, 2003) From: "Dave Raycroft" <> Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 16:23:28 -0400 24/05/2003: Look for 4W1BK (JA1BK) and 4W2DN (JR2KDN) to be QRV from Timor Leste (OC-148) between May 24 and 29, 2003. QSL information is 4W1BK via WA2MOE and 4W1DN via JR2KDN. This is a WFWL operation. The United Nations no longer is in control and independence was won by the East Timorese on May 20, 2002. An application for new entity status will be filed together with an application to delete of the former 4W territory as an entity under DXCC rules. Article 5 of the treaty between Portugal and Indonesia of May 5, 1999 removed East Timor from the list of Non-Self-Governing Territories of the General Assembly and the deletion of the question of East Timor from the agendas of the Security Council and the General Assembly. The treaty, witnessed by the Secretary General of the United Nations, did not make the United Nations the administrator of East Timor but did provide for UN humanitarian assistance. Article 7 requested "the Secretary-General to maintain an adequate United Nations presence in East Timor." The DX Advisory and Awards Committees quite possibly misinterpreted the language of the treaty as conferring status of East Timor as a UN administered territory which in fact was not the case. Only when the referendum authorized by the treaty was held and the East Timorese people declared themselves independent was there a new entity. The role of UNTAET (UN Transitional Administration in East Timor) was humanitarian and peacekeeping and was not a quasi-government authorized to issue amateur radio licenses. UNTAET did not have the authority to issue amateur radio licenses; it was a peacekeeping mission and only after the referendum was there a Ministry of Communications which does have that authority. The text of the treaty for those interested is at: If ARRL agrees, the UN sanctioned operations in East Timor would be deleted on the ground that East Timor was not an entity under the rules and a new entity, would be created effective 20 May 2002, the date of the creation of the East Timorese state. Democratic Republic of Timor Leste became a UN state on 27 September, 2002. ITU has reassigned 4WA-4WZ to the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste on 23 April, 2003. [Tnx WA2MOE] // snip // ●上記Eメールに対する Jose CT1EEB/ex-4W6EB からの反応; ★ Subject: [DX-CHAT] Timor-Leste From: ( To: ( Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 11:13:35 +0100 Gentleman, Not long ago I got a letter from the UN-NY saying that my license 4W6EB expired in the 20th of May 2002 (the day UNTAET ceased to exist), so here are the facts: 1) The 4W6 (resident)Licenses issued by UNTAET thru the Telecomunications service of the UN-NY (Mr. Alain Moerenhout at the time) are valid and good from the 1st of March 2000 to the 20th of May 2002. 4W/... are visitor licenses with a start and end date. (If memory serves late February 2000 was the date ITU gave the prefix block 4WA-4WZ to UNTAET and 20th May 2002 the day UNTAET gave the rule of the country to the democratic elected government). So it is my understanding that Contacts with Timor-Leste during this time frame and with Licenses issued (only) by UN-NY (Alain Moerenhout)are OK ! 2) The physical boundaries of Timor-Leste are the same now as they were back in UNTAET, UNAMET and Portuguese Timor times, the border did not change a single inch. 3) I have also heard someone saying that UNTAET was not an Administration / Government of the Territory during UN times, being there only for Humanitarian reasons. This is FALSE and a complete nosense, UNTAET was a real Government with real ministries, the Ministers were 50% UN Officers and 50% East-Timorese (I used to know pretty well Mr.David Ximenes the Minister of Internal affair/Security and the priest that was the Minister of Education), UNTAET was controling the borders, the military force was UNTAET. The President / Administrator of the UNTAET Government was the Brazilian Sergio Vieira de Melo. --->Indeed East-Timor was the first ever UN made and administered new country from scratch. The only change that happened was the transference of the administration from UNTAET to the newly elected government. Hope that clears the matter. 73 Jose CT1EEB, former 4W6EB, Note: I was a UN-WFP Telecom. officer there (1999/2000). ● "425 DX News" からの東ティモール ニュース; ★ Subject: [425ENG] 425 DX News #629 * 24 May 2003 4W - JA1BK and JR2KDN will be active as 4W1BK (QSL via WA2MOE) and 4W2DN (QSL via JR2KDN) respectively from Timor Leste on 24-29 May. This is a WFWL operation (see "Timor Leste" below). [TNX WA2MOE] 4W - 4W3DX is the new callsign for Thor, TF3MM (formerly 4W6MM), which apparently has been issued by the new licensing authority in the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste (East Timor). Thor expects to be active for at least one more week before leaving the country. QSL via TF3MM. [TNX The Daily DX]

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