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XF4-2007 * Revillagigedo 
Ham Radio DX-Pedition *
概 要
Updated: 2007/11/04 → 11/25
コール:    	6E4LM 
  * 運用期間: 	2007年11月20日15:00Z 到着, 4時間の運用 → 2007年12月上旬に予定
  * QTH:      	Clarion Island (NA-115), Revillagigedo * 18.21'N / 114.44'W 
              	  Google 地図→ Clarion Island (ソコロ島の西 400Km) 

コール:   	6E4LM,  XF4YK,  XF4YW 
  * 運用期間: 	2007年11月15日 → 25日〜12月17日 
  * 運用者:   	XE1YK (team leader), XE2YW, XE1VVD, XE3RBA 
  * バンド他:	6-160M  * CW/SSB/Digital 
  * QTH:      	Socorro Island (NA-030), Revillagigedo  * 18.46'N / 110.55'W 
              	  Google 地図→ Socorro Island
  * JA1→XF4: 	方位= 64°  * 距離= 10,400Km 
  * Sun-:     	Date     Rise   Set   (Data from USNO) 
              	Nov-15   1331z  0046z 
              	Dec-01   1340   0045 
              	Dec-15   1348   0049 
  * Web Site:
  * QSL info: 	6E4LM via XE2K, XF4YK via XE1YK, XF4YW via XE2YW

最新 情報

 ●Date: 2007/11/04 → 12/19 ●Sub: 6E4LMs * Revillagigedo * By 4 op
--(12月19日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- 途中、クラリオン島からの運用は 12月上旬と云われていたが、結局、当初の計画に戻り、ソコロ 島を離島し 12月19日17:00Z 頃にクラリオン島に到着。 18:30Z 頃から数時間 XF4YK と XF4YW を 14.190 と 18.130 Mhz で運用する予定。 ★チームニュースより; December 19th: Arriving at Clarion Island in the morning (around 17:00 UTC) and as soon the Navy of Mexico authorize them to disembark, will be (aprox. 18:15 UTC) just a few hours assets as XF4YK and XF4YW on 14.190 Mhz. and 18.130 Mhz. And probably if coincide any satellite orbit of any of the FM LEO satellites, in time of stay on the Clarion Island. Embark for the return around noon-evening of the Wednesday 19th course to Manzanillo where arrived on Friday 21 evening or Saturday 22 at morning --(11月27日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- ソコロ島から最初の QSO が 11月25日 01:20Z に行われた、とある。 その後 6E4LM と共に XF4- YK のコールで運用中。 ★チームニュースより; November 24th: The Team of 6E4LM already since Saturday noon today at Socorro Island, and have installed several antennas, and is expected between Sunday (25th) and Monday (26th) have installed all the stations and antennas. According possible, will be active in the various bands and / or modes. The first call was made today at 19:20 local time (at 01:20 UTC / Nov-25th) with XE1BI. And as 6E4LM at 01:30 UTC with 6H1J in 7079. This night, from 03:00 UTC, XF4YK will be in 7,079 SSB, and 6E4LM in 3520 CW, 20 mtrs in RTTY, digital frequency modes. You will be active until 17th or 18th December. --(11月23日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- パケクラのスポットを見てもクラリオン島からの運用がなかったようなのでチームニュースを見る と、海が荒れて無線局運用に殆んど失敗。 同島からの運用は 12月上旬に変更。 船のソコロ島への到着は 11月24日04:00Z 頃。 そして運用開始は 11月24日22:00-24:00Z。 ★チームニュースより; Later arrived on the Socorro Island on Friday 23th, at approximately 22:00 local time (04:00 UTC Saturday 24th) on the night, but come ashore until the morning of Saturday 24th, and is expected to be in the afternoon to 16:00-18:00 local time (22:00-24:00 UTC) starting transmissions. // 省略 // Score, there was no operation from Clarion Island on this occasion, will be in the early days of December when they try again go to Clarion Island. --(11月20日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- またまた、クラリオン島の運用日程の変更があり QRV はたったの 4時間! そしてソコロ島へ の到着は 11月23日19:00Z 頃になると。 ★チームニュースより; November 19th: The 6E4LM team came to Socorro Island the Sunday 18th at 19:00 local time XE ( 01:00 UTC / Nov. 19th ), not lowered it. Today, Monday 19th, at 9:00 local time (15:00 UTC) departed the ship "Manzanillo" for Clarion Island, where the Tuesday 20th at 9:00 local time (15:00 UTC). According to indications of the Navy of Mexico, the 6E4LM team only will be 4 hours !! in Clarion Island and not 24 hours as had been previously announced. The ship "Manzanillo" of Navy of Mexico return to Socorro Island, but before making a journey by Roca Partida Island and San Benedicto Island (but without landing on them) and arrive to Socorro Island the November 23th (Friday) close to 13:00 local time (19:00 UTC) and lowered to the Socorro Island and remain there until December 17th. --(11月17日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- 今日のチームニュースによると、日程に変更がありクラリオン島での 6E4LM の運用開始は 11月20日 15〜16:00Z 頃の予定。 * 運用期間: 2007年11月20日 14:00Z クラリオン島に到着、その後 24時間の運用 ★Team News * November 17th, 2007 At 02.00 UTC today Friday are leaving the port of Manzanillo, on board the ship "Manzanillo" and go for Clarion Island (IOTA NA-115) where arrive on Tuesday November 20 at 14:00 UTC and expect to be starting to pass as 6E4LM around the 15:00 - 16:00 UTC and remain in Clarion Island approximately 24 hours (before the ship reached to Socorro Island to leave food and fuel but the Team not drop in Socorro Island this time, but until the return of the ship). They stay for a period of 24 hours on the island Clarion that is, until Wednesday November 21, suspended operations in Clarion around 11:00 -to 12:00 UTC, as you'll leave the boat Clarion Island to 14:00 UTC to undertake the Relief trip to the island where arrive on Thursday November 22 approx. at 14:00 - 15:00 UTC to Socorro Island, and where fall the Team and remain on the island by approx. 30 days, airing as 6E4LM, XF4YK and XF4YW (from Socorro Island). --(11月15日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- 本チームは、ソコロ島 DXペディからの帰りにクラリオン島で 15/17/20M を 3〜4時間運用する かも知れない、と云っていたが、ソコロ島へ行く前の 24時間の運用に変わった。 * 運用期間: 2007年11月16日 05:00Z クラリオン島に到着、24時間の運用 ★Subject: Clarion Island (NA-115) Update * Date: 14 Nov 2007 19:20 +0100 (CET) >>> CLARION ISLAND (NA-115) * UPDATE <<< IOTA chasers please note that the Revillagigedo group (6E4LM, XF4YK, XF4YW)is now due to stop on Clarion during their voyage to Socorro. They also expect to be active for many more hours than previously announced [425DXN 861]. "The team received news from the Mexican Navy that their first stop will be Clarion Island (NA-115) and they will be able to disembark and operate for 24 hours. They will arrive on Clarion this Friday, November 16, at 0500Z. After that they will go to Socorro (NA-030) where they will stay at the Navy base for a month". --- Source: The Daily DX No. 219 * 13 November 2007 --(11月04日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- 今月中旬から来月中旬まで、レビジャヒヘド諸島のソコロ島へ DXペディションを計画。 此処は 1年前にビッグな XF4DL-DXペディが実施されたところ。 ★Subject: 425 DX News #861 * 3 November 2007 XF4 - Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Federacion Mexicana de Radio Experiment- adores (FMRE), a DXpedition to Socorro Island (NA-030) Revillagigedo will take place between mid-November and mid-December. The team (XE1YK, XE2YW, XE1VVD and XE3RBA) will depart Manzanillo on a Navy ship on 16 November. They expect to be QRV on the 18th or the 19th at the latest, and to be active for about 30 days. They plan to operate as 6E4LM, XF4YK and XF4YW on 160-10 metres CW, SSB and digital modes, plus 6m, 2m and satel- lite. On their way back to the mainland, they might stop and operate for 3-4 hours from Clarion Island (NA-115) on 15, 17 and 20 metres. Further information can be found at, where logs will be uploaded after the expedition. The pilot stations for the expedition will be XE1J and XE1GRR. QSL 6E4LM via XE2K, QSL XF4YK via XE1YK, QSL XF4YW via XE2YW. [TNX XE1GRR] ★Subject: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #824 * September 10, 2007 6E/XF4, REVILLAGIGEDO. Carlos, XE1YK, the President of Mexico's FMRE, hasannounced the dates for a Revillagigedo expedition to celebrate the 75thanniversary of FMRE. The operation will be a full month and take betweenNovember 15th and December 15th. Paperwork for the permission will beinitiated this week requesting the callsigns 6E4LM and XF4YK. The operatorswill focus on 160 and 6 meters, where they feel XF4 is most needed, but they will be on the other HF bands as well with a goal of 25,000 QSOs. They plan to use simple antennas and 100 watt radios. More detailsshould be forthcoming.

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