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San Ambrosio Island

This DX-pedition was cancelled !!


 Operation Term (about): From 13-February to 20-February-2001, CANCELLED !

Call-sign: CE0XT --> CE0ZT --> CE0XT (Returned to the first call-sign. Feb-07)
Planned Operating QRG: (with up to three or four 1KW stations) C W SSB RTTY F M 160M 1827.5 80 3.504/3.524 3.795 40 7.004/7.024 7.075 7.030 30 10.104 10.104 20 14.024 14.195 14.080 17 18.074 18.145 (18.100) 15 21.024 21.295 21.080 12 24.894 24.945 (24.920) 10 28.004 28.495 28.080 29.590 6 50.105 50.120 (RTTY on 12/17M will be QRV in ARRL CW contest)
QTH: San Ambrosio Island, 79.54' W - 26.22' S Great circle Map from CE0XT (ce0xt.gif 31Kb)
Sun-Rise/Set: y2001 Rise Set Time difference: UTC-05:20 Feb-10 11:01z 00:07z Feb-15 11:04 00:03 Feb-20 11:08 23:58 Feb-25 11:11 23:54 (Data from U.S. Naval Observatory)
Operators: Mark CE6TBN (Team leader), Alejandro CE6SAX, Franz DJ9ZB, Randy K0EU, Carlos NP4IW/CE3AQI, Jari OH1EB, Mike N6MZ, Joseph M. Owen KO4RR, Charlie Spetnagel W6KK, Carlos LU2NI.
QSL via: Marco A. Quijada CE6TBN, P.O. Box 1234, Temuco, Chile. or for USA: Michael A. Mraz, N6MZ, 15526 SE 50th St., Bellevue, WA 98006-3611, USA.
Pilot stations: Bill K6GNX-NA, Klaus DL1XX-EU, Yosi JA3AAW-Japan. (Same as the pilots for KH5K-2000).

Latest news

 *** Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 05:06:28 -0800 (Bill K6GNX) 
This DX-pedition was cancelled !! 
Subject: [CE0XT2001] update 
Dear Everyone,
I just spoke with Randy and everyone is safe and well but he had very 
disappointing news.  It turns out that the boat they were to travel on 
was impounded by the military port authority for at least a week and 
there was no recourse but to cancel the trip.  
Therefore everyone will arrange transportation home as quickly as 
possible and each team member will call home individually when their 
flight arrangements are finalized.

 *** Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2001 18:17:34 -0800  (Bill K6GNX) 
Will be delayed one day
Due to government paper work delays they will not be able to leave until 
tomorrow evening at approximately 8PM Chile time.  I hope to talk to the 
team tomorrow morning and will keep you all posted on the latest.  They 
may have a rig working on the boat but that is not definite yet. 

 *** Date: 07-02-2001 
Back to the first call-sign CE0XT:
From: "CE6TBN TBNoticias" ( 
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 09:53:00 -0300 
Subject: Good news  CE0XT is Back 

CE0XT  is back Subtel autorizo  el uso de CE0Xt  nuevamente  VIVA!!!!!!!! 
CE6TBN   CE0XT  Team Leader    VIVA!!!!!!!   CE0XT

 *** Date: 03-02-2001 
Another QSL manager for USA - N6MZ:
You may send QSL via Mike N6MZ.  His address is good for past 15 years 
in call book.

Now the team operators are 10 guys and they will leave Valparaiso on 09-Feb 
in the afternoon for San Ambrosio Island - CE0/X.  

 *** Date: 29-01-2001 
Changing of the team members:
Martti OH2BH and Olli OH2RF dropped out and new 3 operators are joining 
CE0ZT team.  
They are: Mike N6MZ, Joseph M. Owen KO4RR, Charlie Spetnagel W6KK. 

 *** Date: 28-01-2001 
From: Mark CE6TBN(Team leader) and Randy K0EU 
Subject: DL1XX, EU Pilot 
Hello Klaus,  Thank you and welcome to the team.
Welcome to our DXpedition crew.  It is good to have you aboard.

 *** Date: 24-01-2001 
According to the latest e-mails from 4 members of USA and Finland, 
their flight plans are: 
  Arrival to Chile: between  7th and  8th of Feb. 
  Leaving Chile:    between 25th and 26th of Feb. 
Sailing from San Antonio, Chile is on 10th of February. 
That means there are going ON SCHEDULE for the DX-pedition. 

 *** Date: Wed, 17-Jan-2001 20:46:59 -0300 
From: "Mark CE6TBN / Team leader" 
Subject: [CE0XT2001] CE0XT  prefix change 
     Call-sign is changed from CE0XT to CE0ZT ! 
Hello Randy/Carlos/Martti/Jari/Mike/Alex/Pilots
           Now I 'm in Temuco.
                     In unusual determinaciopn the SUBTEL (Sub Secretaria 
de Telecomunicaciones) change the prefix to CE0ZT because the new Chilean 
rule say San Felix and Juan Fernandez is CE0Z.....

 *** Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 02:48:38 +0100 
From: Robert Busch - DL7VOA <> 
Subject: DXNL 1228 (December 18, 2000) 

   Marco, CE6TBN (, CE6NE, CE6SAX, CE3AQI/NP4IW, 
   OH1EB, OH2BH, OH2RF, DJ9ZB and K0EU will be on the air signing CE0XT 
   from San Ambrosio (SA-013) for one week starting mid February. They 
   will run three or four 1kW stations in SSB/CW/RTTY/PSK on 10-160m. 
   Their homepage is QSL via CE6TBN. 

 *** Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000 22:10:00 +0000
Subject: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #482 

CE0X, SAN AMBROSIO ISLAND. Marco, CE6TBN, Team Leader for the San Ambrosio
Is land DXpedition 2001, informs OPDX that the following operators will
be active from here: CE6NE, CE6SAX, CE3AQI/NP4IW, OH1EB, OH2BH, OH2RF,
DJ9ZB, K0EU and himself CE6TBN. They will be on the air as CE0XT from San
Ambrosio (IOTA SA-013). CE0X is ranked #34 on the ARRL DXCC Most Needed
List. Activity will begin the second full week of Februry 2001 on 160,
80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters on SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK. There
will be three or four 1kw stations. QSL Managers is CE6TBN: Marco A.
Quijada, P.O.Box 1234, Temuco, Chile. Any support is welcome. Please visit
the DXpedition's Web site at:

JA3AAW is the JA-pilot-station for CE0X-2001.

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