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Sorry only three English pages are in this site.
(This page, My QTH page and KH5K-2000 Info page).

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At Blue Mountains, 100Km west of Sydney in VK2 land.

KH5K-2000 INFO  ***  KH5K-2000   ***
KH5K Info Page by myself     Kingman Reef DX-pedition     Web-site by Don N1DG

Their QRV:
Starting Date: 22-Oct.
  Ending Date: 31-Oct.

(Former info was: From about 18-Oct. to 31-Oct-2000).

QRG: 6-160M (10 bands)   Mode: CW/SSB/RTTY

JA3AAW is the Asia/Oceania-pilot-station for the Kingman Reef 2000.

I'm Yosi JA3AAW. 
I got the First class amateur radio operator license in 1954 at age 19 
and have been licensed my station since 1958. 

I enjoy DXing so much and have the 364 entities confirmed. 
My favorite mode/band: CW / 30-160M.   160M-DXCC: 190 entities / 38 zones. 

The station is located 1 mile south-west of the 135E/35N cross point. 
The QTH is surrounded by mountains, so I'm handicapped on the higher bands. 
Then, I like to chase DX on the low-bands, especially on 80/160M. 

Grid Locator: PM74LX (Again, one mile south-west of the 135E/35N cross point). 

Equipments and antennas:
  Rig: TS-950SDX,  Linear Amp: HL-3KDX 1KW. 
  Ant: 15/20M= 5 ele dual-bander,  30/40M= dual band dipole. 
       80M= 3/4 wave length slopers,  160M= Inverted V dipole & 1/4 wl sloper. 
       12/17M= dual band dipole,  10M= GP. 
  Ant-tower: 24m high crank-up type, made by Aichi tower. 
  No VHF Packet-cluster / RTTY. 

League Membership: 
     Japanese Amateur Radio League 

Other interests include: photography, gardening, golf, listening to music and 
volunteer service in the local community.

Population of our city: about 45,000. 

Updated: 2006/04/28

See you on the air and through the internet!

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Takeshi Yoshida "JA3AAW",  Nishiwaki city, Hyogo pref., Japan  copyright© 2000-2006 

JA3AAW amateur radio station in Hyogo/Kinki/Kansai/West Japan loves low bands DXing like topband/160M. Ɍ,es,A}`A