From: Steve Wilson G3VMW  
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 21:44:27 +0100 
Subject: [Dx] ZD9ZM Update 

Bob ZD9ZM has been very busy for the last four days on HF and had made
6,683 QSOs by 2100Z on Sunday night. He still does not have LF
antennas, but the good news is that the MV S.A. Agulhas is now on its
way back to Tristan da Cunha with the Titanex vertical and Bob will be
QRV on LF later this week. The 30m vertical was repaired on Sunday and
this allowed Bob to make about 100 QSOs on 30m on Sunday evening.

The weather is too severe for the longboats to go out fishing for
crawfish, which means that power is only available between 7am and
midnight each day. Just as soon as the weather improves, the fishing
will get underway and allow Bob to operate overnight. He is still
hoping to be able to use the 100ft tower at the coastal station, but
so far, he has not been given permission.

Band/mode summary so far is as follows:

        CW      SSB     RTTY
30      112     
20      490     26      106
17      490     
15      483     240     76
12      1640    300
10      1820    462     305

Many stations are calling for dupe contacts, which will hopefully
reduce now that the latest logs have been posted on the ZD9ZM web site
There are still some problems with the email outgoing from ZD9 but we
are hopeful that the problem has been solved and logs will be sent to
me every day. 

Of the 6,683 QSOs there are 704 from JA and Bob promises to pay
special attention to Asia and Oceania as well as the USA mid-west and
west coast areas.  We are aware that ZD9 is very much needed in some
parts of the USA and Asia.

Please remember that this is a one-man DXpedition and Bob has to
eat/sleep as well as doing essential antenna work and socialising with
the very friendly folks on remote Tristan da Cunha.  

Bob is there until the 25th of September and as his pilot station,
I'll do my best to get comments (good or bad) and requests for
activity to him.  However, we cannot accept requests for skeds as this
really wouldn't be practical.

QSL requests to K4CIA or via the email request form on the ZD9ZM web
73 and good luck

Steve Wilson G3VMW
Bramham, Wetherby, West Yorkshire
Web Page:

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