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  ●Date: 2002/07/27 ●Subject: IOTA-List ★最新の IOTA リストは、下記 AB7SLの Web サイトからダウンロード出来ます。 (2002/06/23 にアップデートされたもの)。 http://www.ab7sl.comhttp://www.cableone.net/ctj92/iota.htmlhttp://www.cableone.net/ctj92/iota_text.zip ダウンロードした \iota_text.zip 15Kb を解凍 → \IOTA.txt 45Kb   ●Date: 2001/04/21 ●Subject: IOTA-List ★最新の IOTA リストは、下記 AB7SLの Web サイトからダウンロード出来ます。 (2001/04/19 にアップデートされたもの)。 http://www.ab7sl.comhttp://www.cableone.net/ctj92/iota.htmlhttp://www.cableone.net/ctj92/iota_text.zip ダウンロードした \iota_num.zip 15Kb を解凍 → \IOTA.txt 44Kb 全1,185行 ■1,006 ある7大陸の IOTA ナンバー、プリフィックス、エンティティ名と 各大陸の Top 10 Most wanted IOTA numbers が載っています。 下段は 全1,185行あるテキストファイルの最新 IOTA リストの一部分です。 各大陸のリスト中の / / / / 行は、省略した事を示しています。
\IOTA.txt の中身の一部 NOTES ------- This is a - FREE- all continents IOTA list covering all known IOTA numbers tabulated into - one - easily searched, edited and displayed text file. It is not meant to be a replacement for the RSGB paper directory. It is simply an aid and a quick single file reference that can be printed or read with Notepad from a shortcut on your desktop that shows every single IOTA number. Some single IOTA numbers may include several separately named islands. In such cases some but not every single island name is necessarily in this list. --------- Top 10 Most Wanted lists by continent at end of Main List. --------- Lists last updated 19-Apr-2001 ----------------------------- African IOTA Groups ------------------- AF-001 3B6 Agalega Islands AF-002 FT*Z Amsterdam & St Paul Islands AF-003 ZD8 Ascension Island AF-004 EA8 Canary Islands AF-005 D4 Leeward Islands / / / / AF-086 D4 Windward Islands (Cape Verde) AF-087 5H Tanga Region Group (Tanzania) AF-088 C9 Nampula District Group (Mozambique) AF-089 TR Ogooue Maritime Province Group AF-090 5R Madagascar's Coastal Islands East (Madagascar) Antarctic IOTA Groups --------------------- AN-001 All Graham Land West (Adelaide Island) group AN-002 3Y Bouvet Island / / / / AN-015 All Queen Maud Land (Prince Harald etc) group AN-016 All Antarctica (Main Island Only) AN-017 All Adelie Land group AN-018 All Palmer Land West (Alexander Island) group Asian IOTA Groups ----------------- AS-001 VU Andaman Islands AS-002 A9 Bahrain Island AS-003 4S Sri Lanka Island (Main Island Only) / / / / AS-154 TA Black Sea Coast East group (Turkey) AS-155 BV Taiwan's Coastal Islands (Taiwan) AS-156 R0B Ushakova Island (Russian Federation) European IOTA Groups -------------------- EU-001 SV5 Dodecanese (Dodekanisos) EU-002 OH0 Aland Islands / / / / EU-187 SV9 Crete's Coastal Islands (Greece: Crete) EU-188 R1P Pechorskoye Sea Coast West group (Russian Federation) North American IOTA Groups -------------------------- NA-001 C6 Great Bahama Bank group NA-002 VP5 Caicos Islands NA-003 VP5 Turks Islands / / / / NA-218 CO8 Las Tunas/Holguin/Santiago de Cuba Province Group (Cuba) NA-219 C6 Cay Sal Bank Cays (Bahamas) NA-220 OX Greenland's Coastal Islands South West (Greenland) Oceania IOTA Groups ------------------- OC-001 VK Australia (Main Island Only) OC-002 VK9 Christmas Island / / / / OC-245 YB5-6 Sumatra's Coastal Islands North (Indonesia) OC-246 YB8 Leti and Sermata Islands (Indonesia) South American IOTA Groups -------------------------- SA-001 CE0 Easter Island SA-002 VP8 Falkland Islands SA-003 PY0F Fernando De Noronha Archipelago / / / / SA-086 CE2 Coquimbo/Valparaiso Province group SA-087 LU Santa Cruz Province North group (Argentina) SA-088 PP5 Santa Catarina State South group (Brazil) ------ End of Main IOTA List ------- Top 10 Most Wanted Lists According to RSGB data -------------------------------------------------- Africa - Top 10 Most Wanted --------------------------- AF-073 3V Qerqenah Islands AF-028 7O Socotra Island AF-041 VQ9 Egmont Islands AF-037 9L Banana Islands AF-071 Various Geyser Bank AF-056 9L Southern Province Group AF-058 VQ9 Salomon Islands AF-035 S7 Farquhar Islands AF-076 5N4,5 Bight of Bonny (Biafra) Group AF-052 T5 Indian Ocean Coast West Group Antartica - Top 10 Most Wanted ------------------------------ AN-014 Various Berkner Island AN-018 Various Alexander Island AN-013 Various Joinville Group AN-012 Various Palmer Archipelago AN-011 Various Ross Island AN-015 Various Queen Maud Land (Prince Harald) Group AN-017 Various Adelie Land Group AN-001 Various Adelaide Group AN-005 VK0 Macquarie Island AN-002 3Y Bouvet Island Asia - Top 10 Most Wanted --------------------------- AS-106 VU Minicoy Island AS-016 7O Gulf Of Aden West Group AS-057 UA0B Uyedineniya Island AS-009 7O Red Sea Coast Group AS-140 S2 Khulna Region Group AS-069 UA0C Iony Island AS-108 OD Mediterranean Sea Coast Group AS-124 A61 Gulf of Oman Group AS-033 VU Nicobar Islands AS-092 UA0K Bering Sea Coast South Group Europe - Top 10 Most Wanted ------------------------------ EU-063 JW Kong Karls Land EU-160 UA1P Barents Sea Coast Group EU-086 UA1P Pechorskoye Sea Coast East Group EU-102 UA1P Pechorskoye Sea Coast Centre Group EU-085 UA1P Pechorskoye Sea Coast West Group EU-169 ZA Adriatic Sea Coast Group EU-168 TF Iceland's Coastal Islands EU-111 GM Monach Islands EU-059 GM St Kilda Group EU-119 UA1O White Sea Coast East Group North America - Top 10 Most Wanted ------------------------------------ NA-166 XE2 Sonora State South Group NA-178 W6 Farallon Islands NA-167 XE2 Sonora State North Group NA-186 VE8 NWT (Hudson Bay-Manitoba) Group NA-163 XE2 Baja California State East Group NA-165 XE2 Baja California Sur State NE Group NA-053 KL Trinity Islands NA-164 XE2 Baja California Sur State NW Group NA-070 KL Rat Islands NA-162 XE2 Baja California State NW Group Oceania - Top 10 Most Wanted ------------------------------- OC-057 FO Maupihaa (Mopelia) Group OC-052 FO Duke of Gloucester Islands OC-058 FK D'Entrecasteaux Reefs OC-114 FO Raivavae Island OC-155 V63 West Truk Group OC-051 FO Rapa and Marotiri Islands OC-068 ZL4 Snares Islands OC-062 FO Pukapuka Atoll OC-093 DU2 Batan Islands OC-076 YB8 Sula Islands South America - Top 10 Most Wanted ------------------------------------- SA-032 CE8 Ultima Esperanza Province North Group SA-031 CE8 Wollaston Islands SA-042 PY8 Para State West Group SA-050 CE8,9 Magallanes/Antartica Chilena Group SA-074 OA3 Ancash Department Group SA-075 OA2 La Libertad Department Group SA-073 OA5 Ica Department Group SA-065 LU/W Chubut Province South Group SA-076 OA1 Tumbes/Piura/Lambayeque Dept Group SA-085 CE1 Atacama Province Group ------- End of Top 10 Lists -------

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