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Please visit and sign the Memorial Guestbook's for both familys at:


Carlos Luis Caceres, KD4SYB and Pero Simundza, 9A4SP are 2 of the 3 
persons killed last week in Timor and both are HAMS.  I have seen your page 
about 9A4sp but we do not have one for KD4SYB.  I am his father and do not 
know how to prepared a page.  I wish some one can do something similar for
Carlos. Following is some information that can be used.  Let me know if 
My request is possible.

Gregorio Caceres, KA4UXJ
Jacksonvile, Florida
Carlos Luis Caceres, was borne in Jan 9, 1967 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

My son and and son of this world, Carlos Luis Caceres (KD4SYB), was 
killed in Timor, Indonesia this pass week at a young age of 33.

He was murdered by the same people that he was protecting and defending
their human rights.  He was one of the protecting officer representing 
the United Nation in West Timor performing humanitarian service.

I am very proud of my son.  At 23 he was a lawyer, help and save people 
life all over the word. He was fluent in Spanish, English, French, Check 
and Russian.  He completed a degree in journalism at the University in
Gainesville, Florida (1988) and a Law degree at Cornell University 
(1990) in New York.  His ability with different languages and his vast legal
knowledge, helped him perform at international level.

He should be an example to all young students because Carlos, was a 
dedicate student that establishes himself by hard and dedicated study. 
He love the arts, music and the human race.

His body will be transferred this comming week from Timor, Indonesia  
to his final resting place in Miami, Florida.

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