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 ●JA3AAW * 特別ページ 2001 CQ WW DX CW Contest 関連ニュース
其の 1/2 ページ 2001年11月下旬 実施の CQ WW DX CW Contest 関連の情報が海外の週間ニュースから 沢山来ていますので、[What's New] とは別の特別ページにしてお届けします。 とは云っても [JA7SSB 発の週間DX情報] の簡略版程度のものです。
DXCC 稼ぎに関係のない記事等は省略しました。
UpDate: 2001/11/11 → 11/23

●●● Subject: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #538 ●●● Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 21:22:55 -0500 (EST) (此のブリテンの個別ニュースは省略、下記の CQ WW DX CW コンテスト カレンダーのみ) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thanks to Bill, NG3K, for providing OPDX with the following stations listing for the CQWW DX CW Contest. A more detailed list is available on the Web which lets users view the data sorted by Entity and by CQ Zone. Take a look at: -------- From Nov-24 to Nov-25-2001 * 48 hours --------- Call Entity QSL Operators 3B8/LA7MFA Mauritius LA7MFA LA7MFA 3W2ER Vietnam G4ZFE G4ZFE 5H1X Tanzania KQ1F K1XM 5X1Z Uganda SM6CAS SM7PKK 6Y1A Jamaica WA4WTG K2KW 6Y2A Jamaica WA4WTG N6XG 6Y4A Jamaica WA4WTG N6BT 6Y8A Jamaica WA4WTG W0YK 6Y9A Jamaica WA4WTG KE7X 6Y0A Jamaica WA4WTG K2KW 7S2E Sweden SM2DMU SM2DMU 8P2A Barbados K9PG K9PG 8P9Z Barbados K4BAI K4BAI 9K9X Kuwait See Notes DL1HCM (Bavarian Contest Club) 9M6A East Malaysia N2OO YB0US 9M6NA East Malaysia JE1JKL 9M6NA A61AJ United Arab Em N4QB S53R AH2R Guam JH7QXJ Direct JI3ERV JR7OMD JK3GAD JR8VSE JP1JFG BV4/UA3VCS Taiwan UA3VCS UA3VCS C4W Cyprus 5B4WN 5B4WN C6A/K7RE Bahamas K7RE K7RE C6A/K8EP Bahamas K8EP K8EP C6AKP Bahamas N4RP N4RP W4SAA C6AKQ Bahamas N4BP N4BP CN2JS Morocco F6BEE F6BEE CS7T Portugal DF4SA DF4SA CT8T Portugal Automatic Buro OH1NOA CT9M Madeira DL1SBF DL2CC CX9AU Uruguay KA5TUF CX9AU D44CF Cape Verde Is SM0JHF SM0JHF D44TC Cape Verde Is IV3TAN Marconi Contest Club E20HHK Thailand E21EIC E20HHK E21EIC Thailand E21EIC E21EIC E20RRW HS0XNO EA4ML Spain EA4KA Buro EA2AZ EA4AMO EA4CWN EA4DRV EA4KD EA4NP EA4TX EA5FID EA5KW EA7DBO UY7CW EA6IB Balearic Is ??? EA3AIR EA3AJW EA3ALV EA3AVV EA3GGO EA3KU EA5BM EA5ZF EA6ACC EA6FB EA6FO E EA8EA Canary Is ??? OH2MM EO1I Ukraine UT1IA UT1IA ES9C Estonia ES5RY 10 ES ops + guests ops FG/N4CD Guadeloupe N4CD N4CD FM5BH Martinique W3HNK FM5BH FO8DX Fr Polynesia W6UFT W1HIJ FR5FD Reunion FR5FD Direct FR5FD GM7V Scotland ZS5BBO GM3WOJ + team HA8EU Hungary HA2NM HA8EU HC8N Galapagos Is AA5BT N5KO K6AW N0AX N0JK K1KI K1TO K9NW HI/K6CT Dominican Rep K6 Buro K6CT HI3K Dominican Rep AD4Z AD4Z HK0GU San Andres ??? DL7VOG HS1CKC Thailand CBA HS1CKC HS4BPQ Thailand E21EIC HS4BPQ HZ1AB Saudi Arabia K8PYD SM0CXU II1H Italy I1HJT I1HJT IK1QBT I1NVU IK1DFI IZ1BPR IQ3X Italy Buro IV3SKB IU7M Italy IK7JWY IK7JWY IY1SP Italy I1FNX La Spezia chapter of ARI J3A Grenada WA1S YCCC J41YM Greece OKDXF OK1YM JA3YBK Japan Buro JA Team JE4VVM Japan Buro JA Team JK6SEW Japan Buro JH6QIL JK6SEW JM6CIP JP6EGZ JN3FPV JY9NX Jordan JH7FQK JM1CAX KP2/K0DI Virgin Is K0KTZ K0DI LA6YEA Norway LA9VDA LA6YEA LU7EE Argentina LU7EE LU7EE LX/DL4SDX Luxembourg DL8SCG DL4SDX DL4SDW DL5SEJ DL8SCG LX4B Luxembourg LX1TI OH2PQ LX5A Luxembourg Buro DF9LJ DK2OY DK6WL DL1MGB DL2HBX DL5KUT LZ5A Bulgaria See Notes LZ3GA LZ8T Bulgaria LZ2CJ LZ2FV LZ9W Bulgaria ??? LZ1ANA LZ1AX LZ1PM LZ1UQ LZ1ZD LZ2HM LZ2PO LZ3DX LZ3FN LZ3UP LZ5VK MU/DL2OBF Guernsey DL2OBF DL2OBF MU0ASP Guernsey F5SHQ F5SHQ MZ5A Shetland Is G3TXF G3TXF G3WVG NH0S Mariana Is JF2SKV JQ1UKK JF2SKV JK2VOC JG3VEI JE6MYI OE2S Austria ??? OE2-gang DL6FBL DL1MFL OE75CWL Austria OE5CWL OE5CWL OG1F Finland OH1MDR OH1MDR OG1MM Finland OH1MM OH1MM OG4A Finland OH6LI Direct OH6QU OG4A Finland OH6LI Direct OH6QU OG6NIO Finland Buro OH6NIO OH7M Finland OH6LNI Buro OH4XX OH4JFN OH6LNI OH7MS OH7MHL OH0N Aland Is OH1BOI DJ2QV OH0V Aland Is OH6LI Direct OH6LI OH0Z Aland Is OH1EH OH2MA OM5M Slovak Rep Buro OM3BH OM8A Slovak Rep OM3RM OM3RM 9A3PA 9A7R OM2RA OM2VL OM3GI OM3JW OM3NA OM3LU OM7JG OT1A Belgium See Notes ON5UM OT1P Belgium ON7RN ON5OO ON5AV ON6AH ON6QR ON6VL ON6MH ON7PC OY9JD Faroe Is OY9JD Direct OY9JD OZ5W Denmark OZ1KRF OZ1FTU OZ1KRF OZ3W OZ0XX Denmark Buro OZ8AE OZ5WQ OZ3ZW/OZ0XX OZ1BIZ OZ1ETA P3A Cyprus ??? RA9JX RZ9UA RW9UP UA9MA RK3AD UA3AB RW3QC P40Q Aruba K0DQ K0DQ P40W Aruba N2MM W2GD PJ2T Neth Antilles KN7Y W0CG KP2L K6LA K4WA PT5T Brazil ??? CT1BOH PY4FQ Brazil PY4FQ PY4FQ PY4NQ Brazil PY2NQ PY2AMX PY2EMC PY2NQ RA0FA Russia (Asia) RA0FA RA0FA RA0JJ Russia (Asia) RA0JJ Direct RA0JJ RF9C Russia (Asia) RK9CWW RZ9CO RA9CKQ RA9CMO UA9CIR UA9DD RG3A Russia (Europe) RZ3BW RZ3BW RM6A Russia (Europe) W3HNK RN6BN RA6CO RA6CM RN6AA and others RX6LDK Russia (Europe) RX6LDK RX6LDK RT9W Russia (Asia) RZ9WWH RU9WX RX9WR RW9WA RW9WW RV9WB RW9WY RV9WA UA9WFM RA9WR RU1A Russia (Europe) RU1AE RW1AC RU1AA RV1AW RN1AM RA1ACJ UA1ARX RX1AA UA1ANX RA1AR RW2F Kaliningrad DK4VW UA2 Contest Club RW9QA Russia (Asia) W3HNK RW9QA S54A Slovenia Buro S54A SU1ER Egypt WA3HUP N9NC SW1R Greece SV1XV SV1VN SV1XV SV1RD T70A San Marino Buro I2WIJ IK2QEI I2VXJ IK4MTF IZ2AAJ T77LL T88JA Belau JH6RTO JH6RTO TI5X Costa Rica N0KE N0KE TM2Y France F6BEE F5IN F5JOT F6FGZ F6FVY F8CRH TM5C France ??? F6ARC F6DZS F5MUX F5NGA F5LND F5NLY TM0A France F6OIE F6OIE TM0DX France ??? F5ROP DL7FER F8BWB F5SIH F5NOD UA0YAY Russia (Asia) IK2QPR UA0YAY UT7L Ukraine UR4LWC UY5LW UX0LL UR4LTX UR4LRG US4LGW UU7J Ukraine UU8JK UU1DX UU1JA UU2JQ UU4JGR UU4JMG UU5JBO UU8JK UU0A UU0JM UV5U Ukraine UX1UA UX1UA UY2UF Ukraine UX2UF UX2UF V26K Antigua AA3B AA3B V47KP St Kitts Nevis K2SB W2OX V47UY St Kitts Nevis KJ4UY KJ4UY V63A Micronesia JA7AO JA7HMZ VA3NA/2 Canada VA3NA VA3NA VE1JF Canada Buro VE1JF VE1JS VE9DX VE9WH W1VE/VE1RM VE3DC Canada VE3DC VE3BK VE3OZO VE3RZ VE3SS VE3VZ VP5ED Turks Caicos Is See Notes WA3WSJ VP5G Turks Caicos Is K3TEJ K3TEJ VU2PAI India VU2PAI VU2PAI VY2ZMM Canada K1ZM K1ZM WP2Z Virgin Is KU9C K7BV XE1RGL Mexico N2AU XE1RGL XT2DX Burkina Faso G3SXW G3PJT G3SXW G3XTT G4BWP G4IFB G4PIQ KC7V XU7AAV Cambodia G4ZVJ G4ZVJ YE1ZTC Indonesia YB1BOD ORARI Lokal Bekasi Club YL7C Latvia YL2GQT Direct YL2GQT YL2MD YL8M Latvia YL2KL YL2KL ZC4BS Cyprus SBA G4KIV Direct ZC4BS ZC4DW Cyprus SBA G0DEZ G0DEZ ZD8Z Ascension VE3HO N6TJ ZF1A Cayman Is W5ASP W5ASP ZF2AM Cayman Is K6AM K6AM ZF2LA Cayman Is K9LA K9LA ZF2NT Cayman Is G3SWH N6NT ZS4TX South Africa ZS4TX ZS4TX -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- /EXIT
●●● Subject: DXNL Bulletin 1270 * 21-Nov-2001 ●●● Editor: Karlfried Henrichs, DL1EK (PR: DL1EK@DK0MWX.DL.EU) (e-mail: ■コール: V26K, エンティティー: アンティグア, 期間: 11月 CQ WW CW Contest ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA, V2, NA-100 Bud, AA3B, will sign V26K during the CQWW CW Contest. QSL to AA3B. ■コール: ZD8A and ZD8R, エンティティー: アセンション島, 期間: 11月28日頃より ASCENSION ISLAND, ZD8, AF-003 Glenn, K6NA/ZD8A, and Rick, N6ND/ZD8R, will get active around Nov 28/29. Their length of stay is not known. ■コール: C6AKP他, エンティティー: バハマ, 期間: -11月27日迄 BAHAMAS, C6 Joe, W4SAA/C6A, is QRV from Nov 16-27. Joe and Dick, N4RP, will sign C6AKP during the CQWW CW Contest. QSL via homecalls. ■コール: XT2DX 他, エンティティー: ブルキナ・ファソウ, 期間: CQ WW CW Contest BURKINA FASO, XT The English Voodoo Contest Group members G3PJT, G3SXW, G3XTT, G4BWP, G4IFB, G4PIQ and KC7V will hit the airwaves as XT2DX participating in the multi/multi class of the upcoming CQWW CW Contest. ■コール: D44CF, エンティティー: ケープバード, 期間: -11月26日迄 CAPE VERDE, D4, AF-005 Henryk,SM0JHF, is signing D44CF in CW on 6-160m until Nov 26 including the CQWW. QSL via SM0JHF. ■コール: XU7AAV, エンティティー: カンボジャ, 期間: 11月21-27日 CAMBODIA, XU Andy, G4ZVJ, hopes to get the call XU7AAV from Nov 21-27. He is QRV in CW only! QSL via G4ZVJ. ■コール: ZF1A 他, エンティティー: ケイマン諸島, 期間: 11月 CQ WW CW Contest CAYMAN ISLANDS, ZF, NA-016 Joe, W5ASP, John, K6AM, and Carl, K9LA, are planning to take part in the CQWW as well: W5ASP signing ZF1A on 15m or 20m, K6AM as ZF2AM on 10m and K9LA as ZF2LA on 80m single band. QSL via homecalls. ■コール: SV9/W4WX, エンティティー: クレテ島, 期間: 11月27日-12月04日 CRETE, SV9, EU-015 Bill, SV9/W4WX, is QRV in SSB/RTTY on 10-80m between Nov 27 and Dec 4. QSL via W4WX, bureau ok. ■コール: VP6D(?), エンティティー: デューシー島, 期間: 中止 DUCIE ISLAND, VP6, OC-182 Effective Nov 16, 2001, Ducie Island has been added to the DXCC Entity List. However the very first activation of this island will need a little more time to take place. The team experienced bad weather on Gambier Island and arrived on Pitcairn only last sunday. They were about 80 miles from Ducie when the team made the decision to cancel the DXpedition based on forecasted wave predictions for Ducie Island. Since they were a few days late and their stay on Ducie had to be finished on Nov 23 anyway they decided to cancel the trip to return to Gambier Island by Nov 27. The team will now operate a multi-op from Pitcairn Island during the CQWW CW Contest. ■コール: 9M6AAC, エンティティー: 東マレーシャ, 期間: 11月18日-12月02日 EAST MALAYSIA, 9M6, OC-133 9M6AAC is activated by DL4WG, DL5LYM and DL8WAM between Nov 18 and Dec 2. During the CQWW CW Contest they will sign 9M6A. ■コール: SW1R, エンティティー: ギリシャ, 期間: 11月 CQ WW CW Contest GREECE, SV SV1VN, SV1VN and SV1XV will sign SW1R from a location near Athens mainly on 160m during the CQWW CW Contest. QSL to SV1XV, bureau ok. ■コール: J3A他, エンティティー: グレナダ, 期間: 11月 CQ WW CW Contest GRENADA, J3, NA-024 The Yankee Clipper Contest Club members NB1B (J3/NB1B), K2KQ (J37ZA), K2TE (J3/K2TE), N2GA (J3/N2GA), N2MI (J3/N2MI), WA1S (J38AA) and K2DO (J3/K2DO) will operate as J3A in the CQWW contest. QSL via WA1S. ■コール: KH2/JA5XAE, エンティティー: グアム島, 期間: 11月24日より GUAM, KH2, OC-026 Hiro, KH2/JA5XAE, is on the air in CW/SSB on 10-20m starting on Nov 24. QSL via JA5XAE. --- The Guam Contest Club and its members JI3ERV/NH2C, JR7OMD/WI3O, JK3GAD/AL7NC, JR8VSE/NH2N, JP1JFG/N2IU intend to finish in the Top 5 worldwide in the multi/single category. QSL via JH7QXJ, bureau ok. ■コール: MU/DL2OBF, エンティティー: グァーンシー諸島, 期間: 11月 CQ WW CW Contest GUERNSEY, GU, EU-114 Hein, MU/DL2OBF, is operating from this Channel Island participating in the CQWW low power category on all bands. ■コール: 9K9X, エンティティー: クエート, 期間: 111月 CQ WW CW Contest KUWAIT, 9K Mike,DL1HCM, will be QRV as 9K9X on all bands during the CQWW Contest. ■コール: LX5A, エンティティー: ルクセンブルグ, 期間: 11月 CQ WW CW Contest LUXEMBOURG, LX LX5A will be the call of Joerg, DF9LJ, Manfred, DK2OY, Helmut, DK6WL, Christian, DL1MGB, Uli, DL2HBX, and Holger, DL5UT, during the contest. QSL via LX1RQ, bureau ok. ■コール: YC3MM/p, エンティティー: インドネシア, 期間: 11月24日-26日 MADURA ISLAND, YB, OC-237 Adi, YC3MM/p, will be on the air from Nov 24-26. QSL via IZ8CCW. ■コール: V63A 他, エンティティー: ミクロネシヤ, 期間: 11月23-30日 MICRONESIA, V6, OC-010 Sho, JA7HMZ, is working from Pohnpei for one week starting on Nov 23. In the contest he will sign V63A and during the rest of the time he is QRV in RTTY on all bands signing V63DX. QSL via JA7AO. ■コール: KH4/VK2IR, エンティティー: ミッドウエー島, 期間: 11月24日-12月01日 MIDWAY ISlAND, KH4, OC-030 Tommy, KH4/VK2IR, will be active on 80-6m between Nov 24 and Dec 1. ■コール: P5/4L4FN, エンティティー: 北朝鮮, 期間: -2002年06月迄 NORTH KOREA, P5 Ed, P5/4L4FN, is on the air since Nov 4! Ed is working for the UN World Food Program and has only an oral permission to operate yet. He is QRV with an Icom IC706 and a 20m dipole. Since Ed is working 12 hours each day he can be found on the air only very seldom. Until now only a few mostly American HAMs were lucky enough to make a QSO with Ed. At you can listen to the QSO of Bruce,KK5KO, in MP3 or Real Audio format. Until now Ed is working in SSB only on 14.205 MHz or 28.575 MHz, during week days listen from 1400-1500 UTC and from 2200-2300 UTC. After he has returned from his Christmas holiday he will also have better equipment available! QSL via KK5KO. ■コール: FS/****, エンティティー: 仏領St.マティン, 期間: 11月26日-12月02日 SAINT MARTIN, FS, NA-105 Ann, FS/W2AZK, and Brian, FS/KF2HC, will be active in SSB/CW on 10-40m between Nov 26 and Dec 2. ■コール: MZ5A, エンティティー: GM, 期間: 11月 CQ WW CW Contest SHETLAND ISLANDS, GM/s, EU-012 Ian, G3WVG, and Nigel, G3TXF, will participate in the CQWW CW Contest signing MZ5A and handing out the multiplier GM/Shetland. ■コール: 5H1X 他, エンティティー: タンザニア, 期間: 11月下旬 TANZANIA, 5H 5H1X will be the call of Paul, K1XM, in the CQWW CW. Before and after the contest his XYL Charlotte, KQ1F, is active as 5H1F. All QSLs via KQ1F. ---------- Preview ------- DATE CALL DXNL Oct 16-Dec 6 3B8/ON4LAC 1264 NOW 5H1F 1270 * Aug 22-2003 5W1SA 1257 Nov 20-Dec 10 5W/W7TVF 1269 Nov 20-Nov 26 6Y1A.. 1269 Nov 20-Nov 27 8P9HAT 1269 NOW -Sep/2002 9L1BTB 1268 Nov 18-Dec 2 9M6AAC 1270 * NOW -2004 9L1DX 1260 Nov 15-Mar/2002 9U5D 1268 Nov 20-Nov 27 C6A/K8EP 1269 Nov 16-Nov 27 C6AKP.. 1270 * Nov 20-Nov 26 CT3/DL2CC 1269 NOW -Nov 26 D44CF 1270 * Nov 11-Nov 23 DJ8OK 1268 Nov 10-?? DK8OJ/HI3 1268 Nov 15-Nov 30 FG4/N4CD 1268 Nov 26-Dec 2 FS/W2AZK.. 1270 * Oct 15-Nov 30 H44MA 1265 NOW -2001 HC2BEV.. 1228 Nov 20-Nov 26 HC8N 1269 Nov 21-Dec 9 HI3K.. 1269 Nov 8 -Nov 29 HK0GU 1267, 1269 Nov 1 -Dec 15 IB0/IK8VRH 1268 NOW -Dec 31 IY1SP 1268 Nov 19-Nov 30 JT1/K4ZW 1269 NOW -Apr/2002 JX7DFA 1266 NOW -Mar/2002 KC4/N3SIG 1267 Nov 24-??? KH2/JA5XAE 1270 * Nov 24-Dec 1 KH4/VK2IR 1270 * Nov 23-Nov 25 LS2D 1270 * Nov 22-Nov 27 NH0S.. 1269 Nov 21-Nov 25 NP2/K7BV 1269 NOW -2002 P5/4L4FN 1270 * Nov 5 -Nov 30 PJ4/PA3CNX 1267 Nov 18-?? PJ4/W8RXR 1269 Nov 20-Nov 29 PY0FM 1269 NOW -Jan/2002 R1ANC 1268 Nov 15-Dec 5 S79GAN 1268 Nov 27-Dec 4 SV9/W4WX 1270 * Nov 21-Nov 27 TI2/VE2EM 1269 Oct 18-Nov 30 TI8/W5AA 1265 Nov 11-Nov 23 TJ2RSF 1268 Nov 22-Nov 27 T88FS.. 1269 Nov 22-Dec 4 V47UY 1269 Nov 23-Nov 30 V63DX 1270 * Nov 8 -Mar/2002 VK3FEI/p 1267 Nov 22-Nov 27 VP5/K3TEJ 1269 Nov 7 -Nov 28 VP5/K5CM.. 1267 Nov 20-Nov 27 VP5ED 1269 NOW -Nov 23 VP6.. 1267, 69, 70 * Nov 21-Nov 27 XU7AAV 1270 * Nov 24-Nov 26 YC3MM/p 1270 * NOW -Sep/2002 ZC4BS 1260 Nov 28-??? ZD8A.. 1270 * Nov 20-Dec 15 ZD8Z 1269 -Oct/2002 ZD9IR 1264 Nov 22-Nov 29 ZK2/VK2IR 1269 Nov 1 -Nov 26 ZM8CW 1266 NOW ZS7ANT 1269 * = new .. = and other calls CQWW CW CONTEST Following stations announced to be active during the upcoming contest: 5H1X, 9K9X, 9M6A, J3A,LX5A, MU/DL2OBF, MZ5A, SW1R, V26K, V63A, XT2DX and ZF1A.
●●● Subject: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #537 * 19-Nov-2001 ●●● From: BARF-80 BBS <> Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 15:53:08 -0500 (EST) MAJOR DX NEWS FLASHES................. DXCC NEWS RELEASE (November 16, 2001) from Bill Moore, NC1L..... ◆New DXCC Entity - Ducie Island. The IARU has announced the addition of its latest member-society, The Pitcairn Amateur Radio Association (PIARA). In March 2001, the PIARA filed an application with IARU Region 3 asking for membership in the IARU. This matter went to a vote of the IARU member-societies worldwide in June, and the result of the vote was announced today. As a result of the addition of PIARA as an IARU member-society, a new DXCC Entity has been created. Under DXCC rules, an entity that is represented by an IARU society gains the status of "Political Entity." In changing from a geographic separation to a political DXCC Entity, certain distance requirements for additional separations change. As a result, Ducie Island, a part of the Pitcairn Islands, becomes a new DXCC Entity. Effective 0000Z, November 16, 2001, Ducie Island is added to the DXCC Entity List. Only QSOs dated November 16, 2001 and later will count for this Entity. QSL cards for DXCC credit will be accepted beginning June 1, 2002. ADDED NOTES BY EDITOR: Ducie Island in the South Pacific is the latest DXCC entity; the 335th. According to an ARRL DX Bulletin, ARRL Membership Services Manager Wayne Mills, N7NG, emphasized that only contacts dated November 16, 2001, and later will count for DXCC. The island has been activated previously for the Islands On The Air program (its IOTA OC-182), but Mills says those earlier contacts will not count for DXCC. Also, by the time you read this, the VP6/D operation should be active. The VP6/D team did have some delays due to bad weather conditions. This will cut into the days of operating, and according to some press releases, the operation will not be extended. They will probably end the operation on November 22nd or 23rd, because they must be back on Gambiers on November 27th. The lastest update as this bulletin was being prepare states that the team was leaving Pitcairn Island on Sunday, November 18th around 1500z. Depending of the strength of the head winds, they will arrive at Ducie sometime between just before dawn and just after sunset, which is between 1200z November 19th and 0300z November 20. The first station should come on 14195 kHz, so monitor there. Those who need the LAT/LONG information for Ducie Island, they are: 24 39'57"S 124 48'21"W ◆P5, NORTH KOREA. Yes, P5 is active. What a way to end the year and a treat for DXers around the world to hear. A station in North Korea, which ranks #1 on most everyone's most wanted list, appeared on the bands last weekend. Actually, attempts were made as early as November 4th (according to Bruce, KK5DO 's Web page) but with no success. The reports indicate that Ed, 4L4FN, who works for the UN World Food Program, has tried over the last 2 years to get permission to operate. He has finally been able to get a verbal permission to operate amateur radio and to bring his equipment into North Korea. He is currently active as P5/4L4FN. However, we all know that veral permission is not good enough for DXCC credit. The Web page states Ed is now awaiting written permission, which is expected to arrive around Christmas. At the present, Ed is only active on SSB only using a dipole and his preferred frequencies are 14205 and 28575 kHz (running split, 15-35 kHz up), but it seems to be mostly on 10 meters. Suggested times are between 1400-1500z and 2200-2300z. The reason for short operating times are Ed has a day job which occupies 12 hours of his time. Ed indicates that during the winter months there are many power outages, and he may not be able to get on the air. He will be leaving around Christmas time (December 22nd-January 18th) to return home for a short vaction. Upon his return, he will bring PSK232 modem for the digital modes. It was also mentioned that a Butternut Vertical and a Bencher Keyer will be shipped to him on November 19th. QSL via KK5DO: Bruce Paige, PO Box 310, Alief, TX 77411, USA. For updates on operating times and announcements, as well as a log search, go to Bruce's Web page at: ■コール: 8P9HT, エンティティー: バルバドス, 期間: 11月20日-27日迄 8P, BARBADOS. John, K4BAI, will be operating again from the Warleigh Plantation signing 8P9HAT from November 20-27th. He hopes to get the callsign 8P9Z for the CQWW CW Contest. QSL via bureau. ■コール: 9K9X, エンティティー: クエート, 期間: 11月24-25日迄 9K, KUWAIT. Mike, DL1HCM, will be active as 9K9X in the CQWW DX CW Contest as a Single Op/All Band entry. The operation will be an activity of the Bavarian Contest Club BCC. ■コール: W4SAA/C6A, エンティティー: バハマ, 期間: -11月27日迄 C6, BAHAMAS. Joe, W4SAA, will be active as W4SAA/C6A now through November 27th. During the CQWW CW DX Contest, Joe and Dick, N4RP, will be active as a Multi-Op entry and signing C6AKP. QSL via home call. ■コール: EA6IB, エンティティー: バレアリック諸島, 期間: 11月24-25日迄 EA6, BALEARIC ISLANDS. This year, as the past years, the EA6IB Team will be active from Ibiza Island during the CQWW CW Contest as a Multi-Single entry. The team consists of: EA3AIR, EA3AJW, EA3ALV, EA3AVV, EA3GGO, EA3KU, EA5BM, EA5ZF, EA6ACC, EA6FB, EA6FO and EB6AOK. ■コール: FG/N4CD, エンティティー: 仏領グアダループ, 期間: -11月29日迄 FG, GUADELOUPE. Rob, N4CD, is now active as FG/N4CD until November 29th. His activity over the past weekend was on 30/20/15/12/10/6 meters mostly on CW. He may try 80 meters. QSL via N4CD. ■コール: F6AUS/HI9, エンティティー: ドミニカ, 期間: 11月 数日間 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Serge is expected to still be active as F6AUS/HI9, for few more days. His activity is mainly on CW on HF bands, including the WARC bands. He was spotted on 17 meters (18073 kHz), 12 meters (24891 kHz) and 10 meters (28019 kHz) this past weekend. ■コール: HF0POL, エンティティー: 南シェトランド諸島, 期間: 2002年 HF0, SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS. Miroslaw Stefanski, SP7JKW, will be active during the whole year of 2002 as HF0POL from King George Island (IOTA AN-010, WW loc. - GC07SU). He will operate CW, RTTY and PSK-31 (maybe a little on SSB) on all HF and WARC bands. QSL via SQ5TA: Artur Tabaszewski, ul. Wiejska 100, 26-606 Radom, Poland. Visit the Web site of HF0POL at: -or- ■コール: JT1/K4ZW, エンティティー: モンゴル, 期間: 11月下旬迄 JT, MONGOLIA (Attention Top Banders). Ken, K4ZW, is finally on the ground in JT-land after a couple of long flights. He states that on Monday morning, they will begin work on the Titanex vertical. Baring any major problems, Ken hopes to fire up on 80 and 160 Monday evening local time. So, look for JT1/K4ZW to be active. ■コール: NH0S他, エンティティー: マリアナ諸島, 期間: 11月22日-27日迄 NH0, MARIANA ISLANDS. Operators JQ1UKK, JF2SKV, JK2VOC, JG3VEI and JE6MYI will participate in the CQWW DX CW Contest as NH0S as a Multi-Single/High Power entry from the Northern Marianas (OC-086). QSL via JF2SKV either direct (Hisashi Matsushita, 14-1 Ugasemae Iwakura, Toyota, 444-2225 Japan) or through the JARL bureau. Look for them before and after the contest between November 22-27th. They will operate on all bands 160-6 meters and all modes CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31/FM. Look for the following callsigns: NH0S (QSL via JF2SKV) NH0V (QSL via JG3VEI) KH0/JE6MYI (QSL via JE6MYI) KH0/AD6VH (QSL via JQ1UKK) KH0/JK2VOC (QSL via JK2VOC) Please visit to their Web site at: ■コール: WP2Z他, エンティティー: 米領バージン諸島, 期間: 11月21-25日迄 NP2, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS. Dennis, K7BV, will operate from the contest station at St. Croix Windwood WP2Z QTH, November 21-25th, which includes an entry in the CQWW CW Contest in the Single Band 15 meter category. The callsign NP2/K7BV will be used during most of the operation. QSL WP2Z and NP2/K7BV via KU9C. Check out the Web page: ■コール: PJ4/W8RXR他, エンティティー: 和蘭領アンティリス, 期間: -11月27日迄 PJ4, NETHERLANDS ANTILLES. Jeff, W8RXR, will be active from Bonaire as PJ4/W8RXR now through November 27th as PJ4/W8RXR. His activity will be mainly on CW on 20/15/10 meters. QSL via his home callsign. ■コール: S79GAN, エンティティー: セーシェル, 期間: -12月05日迄 S7, SEYCHELLES. Clemens, DL2GAN, will be active as S79GAN now through December 5th. He plans to be active only 1 or 2 hours a day. No details were provided on bands/modes of activity. QSL via home callsign. ■コール: SV9/W4WX, エンティティー: クレテ, 期間: 11月27日-12月04日 SV9, CRETE. Bill, W4WX, will be here November 27th through December 4th signing SV9/W4WX. Look for him on 80-10 meters operating RTTY and SSB. QSL to home call direct or via bureau. ■コール: TJ2RSF, エンティティー: カメルーン, 期間: -11月23日迄 TJ, CAMEROON. Eduardo/EA2TV and Javier/EA2COL are now active as TJ2RSF until November 23th. As reported earlier, they are there working on the installation of some VHF/HF stations in hospitals and missions as a project from the "Radioaficionados Sin Fronteras". They were heard this past week on 20 and 10 meters SSB (around 14195 and 28500 kHz). QSL via EA4AHK. ■コール: V44NK, エンティティー: St.キッツ, 期間: 11月22日-12月04日 V4, ST. KITTS AND NEVIS (Update/Reminder). Larry, KJ4UY, reminds us that he will be leaving Florida on November 21st for Nevis to operate from November 22nd through December 4th. He will be returning to Florida on December 5th. Larry will be operating from the shack of his very good friend, Karl, V44NK. His activity will be on all bands when/where he has propagation on SSB, RTTY, PSK31 and some CW. He will try to operate the CQWW CW contest to give others the multiplier, but his CW is rusty, so please QRS and be patient. U.S. stations please QSL via KJ4UY with a SASE, and foreign stations QSL via KJ4UY with SAE + return postage or via the bureau. He is looking forward to giving out as many contacts as possible for a new country and/or new band/mode country. ■コール: XU7AAV, エンティティー: カンボジャ, 期間: 11月21-27日迄 XU, CAMBODIA. Andy, G4ZVJ, informs OPDX that he will be in Cambodia between November 21-27th. He hopes to be active as XU7AAV. His activity will be CW only and include an entry in the CQWW CW Contest. QSL via G4ZVJ: Andy Chadwick, 5 Thorpe Chase, Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK, HG4 1UA ■コール: ZD8Z, エンティティー: アセンション島, 期間: 11月19日-12月18日 ZD8, ASCENSION ISLAND. Jim, N6TJ, will once again be active as ZD8Z between November 19th and December 18th. He will also participate in the CQWW DX CW Contest. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Tedd KB8NW /EXIT

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