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 ●JA3AAW * 特別ページ 2001 CQ WW DX CW Contest 関連ニュース
其の 2/2 ページ 2001年11月下旬 実施の CQ WW DX CW Contest 関連の情報が海外の週間ニュースから 沢山来ていますので、[What's New] とは別の特別ページにしてお届けします。 とは云っても [JA7SSB 発の週間DX情報] の簡略版程度のものです。
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UpDate: 2001/11/11 → 11/18

●●● Subject: 425 DX News #550 * 17-Nov-2001 ●●● Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 22:58:20 +0000 From: Mauro Pregliasco <> 17 November 2001 =========================== No 550 *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** **** DX INFORMATION **** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH >>> ●DUCIE ISLAND <<< >>> THE 335TH DXCC ENTITY <<< The International Amateur Radio Union ( has announced that The Pitcairn Island Amateur Radio Association (PIARA, see "Good To Know" below) has been admitted as an IARU member effective 16 November 2001. This makes the Pitcairn Islands (namely Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno) to be considered a DXCC "Political Entity"; consequently Ducie Island, which is separated from its "Parent" (Pitcairn itself) by 350+ kilometres has become a DXCC "Geographic Separation Entity". The ARRL ( has in its turn announced that starting at 00.00 UTC on 16 November 2001, Ducie Island (IOTA OC-182, CQ zone 32, ITU zone 63) will be eligible for DXCC credit; only contacts dated 16 November 2001 and later will count for DXCC. As for the DXpedition to the newest "new one", the team's departure from Mangareva (French Polynesia), originally scheduled to take place on 14 November [425DXN 549], has been delayed due to concerns about a nearby weather front. They expected to leave from Mangareva at sunrise (14 UTC) on 15 November, to stop for a couple of hours at Pitcairn and to reach Ducie around local dawn on Saturday 17 November. [TNX K6GNX] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>> ●NORTH KOREA <<< Ed, 4L4FN works for the UN World Food Program in North Korea and has been finally able to get a verbal permission to operate amateur radio from the #1 Most Wanted DXCC Entity. 200+ stations have been able to work 4L4FN/P5 on 20 and/or 10 metres so far (logs at Ed is now awaiting a written permission, which hopefully should arrive around Christmas. This is not a DXpedition, but Ed will try to operate as much as possible. For the time being he has SSB only, and prefers +/- 14205 and +/- 28575 kHz (split up 5-15 kHz), tipically between 14 and 15 UTC and again between 22 and 23 UTC during the week, while during weekends more operating time is available to him. Ed is currently using a dipole, but he plans to build a small beam for 10 and 20 metres. He will be back home for Christmas and will return to North Korea with his keyer and some equipment for digital modes. Ed expects to be in North Korea until June or July 2002. QSL via KK5DO (Bruce Paige, P.O. Box 310, Alief, TX 77411, USA), who will wait for the final written licence before printing the cards. Updates on Ed's activities will be posted by KK5DO at [TNX KK5DO and The Daily DX] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ■コール: 3D2AG, エンティティー: ロツマ, 期間: -2001/1月10日迄 3D2_rot - Tony, 3D2AG is expected to be active from Rotuma Island (OC-060) from now until around 10 January. [TNX The Daily DX] ■コール: 5A1ASC他, エンティティー: リビア, 期間: Now 5A - The Daily DX reports that Abubaker Alzway, 5A1A will be soon leaving Libya; he will go and study in Germany. In the meanwhile a few new amateur radio licences have been issued to the Assaker Club station (5A1ASC, QSL via DK4HB), Tark Abu Kris (5A1TA, QSL via EA3GIP) and Haytm Hashim (5A1HA, QSL via DJ9ZB). ■コール: 8P9HT, エンティティー: バルバドス, 期間: 11月20日-27日迄 8P - John, K4BAI will be active as 8P9HT from Barbados (NA-021) on 20-27 November. He hopes to use the 8P9Z callsign during the CQ WW DX CW Contest (SOAB high power). Outside the contest he will concentrate on 160 metres and the WARC bands CW (SSB on request), plus 6 metres CW and SSB when the band is open. QSLs via K4BAI. [TNX The Daily DX] ■コール: 9U5D, エンティティー: ブルンディ, 期間: 11月17日より3ヶ月 9U - Gus, SM5DIC will be back to Burundi on 17 November for around three months. He expects his licence will be renewed and most likely he will operate again as 9U5D. He plans to be active on HF bands (all modes with 100 watts and a loop antenna), on 6 metres (with a 3-element beam) and 2 metres (with a 17-element beam and 400 watts for EME). QSL direct only via SM5BFJ (Leif Hammarstrom, Lerklockan 4, SE-73091, Riddarhyttan, Sweden). [TNX SM5DIC] ■コール: CN2JS , エンティティー: モロッコ, 期間: 11月21-27日迄 CN - Jacques, F6BEE will be active as CN2JS from Morocco on 21-27 November. He will participate in the CQ WW CW Contest (SOAB); if he can bring a suitable antenna with him, before the contest he will operate on the WARC bands. QSL via F6BEE. [TNX F5NQL] ■コール: CT3/DL2CC, エンティティー: マデイラ, 期間: 11月20-26日迄 CT3 - Frank, DL2CC will be active as CT3/DL2CC from Madeira (AF-014) on 20-26 November. He will participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest as CT9M. QSL via DL1SBF. [TNX DX News Letter] ■コール: CU3AN, エンティティー: アゾレス諸島, 期間: Now CU - Gabriel, CU3AN is regularly active around 19 UTC on HF bands, 6 metres (50.110 MHz) and satellite. QSL direct only to Gabriel Alves, P.O. Box 157, 9701-902 Angra Codex, Portugal. [TNX CU3AN] ■コール: D2/CT1FSC, エンティティー: アンゴラ, 期間: 11月21日-12月14日迄 D2 - Vitor, CT1FSC will be in Angola from 21 November through 14 December and will try to operate as D2/CT1FSC from Luanda. QSl via home call. [TNX CT1FSC] ■コール: FO0DEH, エンティティー: タヒチ, 期間: -12月20日迄 FO - Marcel, FO0DEH expects to be leaving OC-062 for Papeete on 20 December. QSL via ON4QM. [TNX JE1DXC and Islands On The Web] ■コール: HC8N, エンティティー: ガラパゴス諸島, 期間: 11月20-26日迄 HC8 - Jon, N0JK and others will be back to the HC8N station on San Cristobal Island, Galapagos (SA-004) on 20-26 November. They will participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest; outside the contest they will be active on HF, 6 and 2 meters as well as the satellites. [TNX OPDX Bulletin] ■コール: JT1/K4ZW, エンティティー: モンゴル, 期間: 11月20日?- JT - Ken, K4ZW (JT1/K4ZW) is making his final preparations for a lowband operation from Mongolia along with JT1CO. They expect to be active on 80 and 160 metres early in the week of 19 November. [TNX OPDX Bulletin] ■コール: NH0S, エンティティー: サイパン, 期間: 11月22-27日迄 KH0 - JF2SKV (NH0S), JG3VEI (NH0V), JQ1UKK (KH0/AD6VH) JE6MYI (KH0/JE6MYI) and JK2VOC (KH0/JK2VOC) will be active (on 160-6 metres CW, SSB, FM, RTTY, PSK31) from Saipan, Northern Marianas (OC-086) on 22-27 November. They will participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest as NH0S (Multi-Single High Power). QSLs via home calls. Questions should be sent to Maz, JF2SKV ( Their web site is at [TNX JF2SKV] ■コール: AH2R, エンティティー: グアム, 期間: 11月24-25日迄 KH2 - Guam Contest Club members JI3ERV/NH2C, JR7OMD/WI3O, JK3GAD/AL7NC, JR8VSE/NH2N and JP1JFG/N2IU will participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest as AH2R (Multi-Single) from Guam Island (OC-026). QSL via JH7QXJ either direct or through the JARL bureau. [TNX JI3ERV] ■コール: PJ4/W8RXR, エンティティー: , 期間: 11月18-27日迄 PJ4 - Look for Jeff, W8RXR to operate (on 10, 15 and 20 metres CW with some SSB) as PJ4/W8RXR from Bonaire (SA-006) on 18-27 November. [TNX The Daily DX] ■コール: UN9PQ, エンティティー: カザフスタン, 期間: Now UN - Valery, UN9PQ is now active on RTTY and can be found almost daily on 18107 kHz between 10 and 15 UTC. QSL via IK2QPR (Paolo Fava, Via Bertani 8, 46100 Mantova - MN, Italy). [TNX IK2QPR] ■コール: V47UY, エンティティー: ネビス島, 期間: 11月22日-12月04日迄 V4 - Larry, KJ4UY will be operating (SSB, RTTY, PSK-31 with some CW) on all bands as V47UY from Karl's (V44NK) QTH on Nevis Island (NA-104) from 22 November through 4 December. He will try to operate during the CQ WW DX CW Contest to give the multiplier (but please QRS and be patient with him, as he says his CW is rusty). QSL via KJ4UY. [TNX KJ4UY] ■コール: VP5G他, エンティティー: カイコス島, 期間: 11月20-27日迄 VP5 - John, K3TEJ will be active (on 10-160 metres) as VP5/K3TEJ from the Turks and Caicos Islands on 20-27 November, including an entry in the CQ WW DX CW Contest as VP5G (SOAB). [TNX The Daily DX] ■コール: VP5ED, エンティティー: カイコス島, 期間: 11月20-27日迄 VP5 - Ed, WA3WSJ will be active as VP5ED from the Turks and Caicos Islands on 20-27 November, including a QRP entry in the CQ WW CW DX Contest. [TNX QRZ-DX] ■コール: XU7AAV, エンティティー: カンボジャ, 期間: 11月21-27日迄 XU - Andy, G4ZVJ will be in Cambodia on 21-27 November and hopes to be active (CW only) as XU7AAV, including an entry in the CQ WW DX CW Contest. QSL via G4ZVJ (Andy Chadwick, 5 Thorpe Chase, Ripon, HG4 1UA North Yorkshire, UK). [TNX G4ZVJ] ■コール: ZF1A他, エンティティー: ケイマン諸島, 期間: 11月23-26日?迄 ZF - Joe/W5ASP, John/K6AM and Carl/K9LA are planning single band efforts for the CQ WW DX CW Contest from the Cayman Islands (NA-016). Look for ZF2AM (QSL via K6AM) on 10 metres, ZF1A (QSL via W5ASP) on either 15 or 20 metres and ZF2LA (QSL via K9LA) on 80 metres. Additionally, Vicky AE9YL/ZF2YL will be on SSB before, during, and after the contest. QSL via home call. [TNX K9LA] ■コール: ZS7/ZS4AGA , エンティティー: 南極, 期間: Now ZS_ant- Anton, ZS4AGA is currently operating as ZS7/ZS4AGA from the SANAE Antarctic Base (WABA ZS-01) [425DXN 549]. QSL via ZS4A (Rickus de Lange, 23 Kedron St., Bethlehem, South Africa). [TNX DL5EBE]
●●● Subject: ARLD047 DX news * Nov-15-2001 ●●● QST de W1AW, ARRL. To all radio amateurs. This week's bulletin was made possible with information provided by Tedd, KB8NW, the OPDX Bulletin, WA7BNM, The Daily DX, DXNL, 425DXnews and Contest Corral from QST. Thanks to all. ■コール: , エンティティー: ロツマ, 期間: 来年1月10日頃迄 ROTUMA, 3D2. Tony is QRV as 3D2AG/p until around January 10. ■コール: 5H1X/2, エンティティー: タンザニア, 期間: Now TANZANIA, 5H. Paul is QRV as 5H1X/2 and has been active on 20 meters CW around 1830z. QSL via KQ1F. ■コール: ***/6Y5, エンティティー: ジャマイカ, 期間: 11月20日-26日 JAMAICA, 6Y. Members of Team Vertical will be QRV from November 20 to 26 as homecalls/6Y5. Activity will be on 160 to 10 meters using QRP power. They will have a high-power station on 6 meters. QSL all calls via WA4WTG. ■コール: 9L1BTB, エンティティー: シエラレオネ, 期間: 向う10ケ月間 SIERRA LEONE, 9L. Zbig, SP7BTB is active as 9L1BTB for the next 10 months as he is working here for the UN in Freetown. Activity is on 40 to 12 meters using SSB. QSL via SP7CDG. ■コール: C6A/K8EP, エンティティー: バハマ, 期間: 11月20-27日 BAHAMAS, C6. Ed, K8EP will be active as C6A/K8EP from Treasure Cay, IOTA NA-080, from November 20 to 27. QSL to home call. ■コール: ER373R, エンティティー: モルドバ, 期間: 11月21日 MOLDOVA, ER. Club station ER3KAZ will use special call ER373R on November 21 to celebrate the 373rd anniversary of the town of Rybnitsa. QSL via ER3DX. ■コール: FG/N4CD, エンティティー: グアダループ, 期間: -11月29日迄 GUADELOUPE, FG. Bob, N4CD is QRV as FG/N4CD until November 29 on 40 to 10 meters. He may try 80 and 6 meters as well. QSL to home call. ■コール: FO0SAI, エンティティー: マルケサス諸島, 期間: 11月18-21日 MARQUESAS ISLANDS, FO. JI1JKW will be active as FO0SAI on all bands, including 6 meters, from November 18 to 21. QSL to home call. ■コール: JT1CO, エンティティー: モンゴル, 期間: -11月xx日迄 MONGOLIA, JT. Chak, JT1CO has been QRV on 12 meters around 0000z. He has then been active on 17 meters around 0300z. ■コール: PY0FM, エンティティー: フェルナンド デ ノローナ, 期間: 11月20-29日 FERNANDO DE NORONHA, PY0F. Peter, PY5CC will be active again as PY0FM from November 20 to 29. QSL via JA1VOK. ■コール: T2T, エンティティー: ツバル, 期間: 11月11日修了 TUVALU, T2. T2T has been QRV on 40 meters using CW around 0600 and 1700z. QSL via JN1HOW. ■コール: V85TG, エンティティー: 東マレーシヤ, 期間: 11月15-17日 BRUNEI, V8. JH3GAH is QRV as V85TG until November 17 following the SEANET convention. Activity is on 160 to 6 meters using CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31. QSL to home call. ■コール: VP6D(?), エンティティー: デューシー島, 期間: 11月17-2x日 DUCIE ISLAND, VP6/D. The Pitcairn Island Amateur Radio Association will be QRV from this likely new DXCC Entity, with an IOTA number of OC-182. Unexpected weather delays have pushed back the start date to November 17. The VP6 callsign will be announced at the start of operations. Activity will be on 1 60 to 6 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via VE3HO. ■コール: ZS7ANT, エンティティー: 南極, 期間: -来年02月迄 ANTARCTICA. Anton, ZS4AGA is QRV as ZS7ANT from the Sanae Base on Princess Martha Coast, IOTA AN-016, until February 2002. QSL via operator's instructions. ■コンテスト関係, 期間: 11月 THIS WEEKEND ON THE RADIO. The ARRL November Phone Sweepstakes, North American Colle- giate ARC Phone Championship, LZ DX CW Contest, The RSGB 1.8 MHz CW Contest and the Carnavales de Tenerife Phone Contest are all scheduled for this weekend. Please see November QST, page 106 for details. NNNN /EX
●●● Subject: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #536 * Nov-12-2001 ●●● Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 15:09:44 -0500 (EST) From: BARF-80 BBS <> ■コール: 4W/CU3FT, エンティティー: 東チモール, 期間: Now 4W, EAST TIMOR. Carlos, CU3FT as 4W/CU3FT, was a nice catch on 10 and 12 meters SSB this past weekend. Keep an eye on 28430 and 24940 kHz between 1200 and 1400z. QSL via CT1EEB. ■コール: 9L1BTB, エンティティー: シエラレオネ, 期間: 向う10ケ月間 9L, SIERRA LEONE. Zbyszek (Zbig), SP7BTB, is now active as 9L1BTB for the next 10 months. He is currently working there for the UN in Freetown. He was heard this past week on 40/20/17/15/12 meters SSB. QSL via SP7CDG. ■コール: 9M8/J**** & V85TG, エンティティー: 9M8 and V8, 期間: -11月17日迄 9M8, EAST MALAYSIA (Also, V85). Operators JA3AA, JA3UB, JA3AER, JA3ART, JH3GAH, JR3MVF and JA4HCK, who were recently attending the SEANET Convention in Kota Kinabul (9M6), will be active this week from Mulu National Park (First World Heritage site in Malaysia) until November 14th. Their bands/modes of activity were not mentioned. Look for the following callsigns: 9M8/JA3AA via JA3AA, 9M8/JA3UB via JA3UB, 9M8/JA3AER via JA3AER, 9M8/JA3ART via JA3ART, 9M8/JR3MVF via JR3MVF, 9M8/JA4HCK via JA4HCK and 9M8TG via JH3GAH. ADDED NOTE: Operator JH3GAH will travel to Brunei (V85) alone between November 15-17th and will be active as V85TG. His activity will be on 80-6 meters CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31 (160m unsure). QSL to JH3GAH. ■コール: AH2R, エンティティー: グアム, 期間: 11月24-25日 AH2, GUAM. After successful efforts during CQWW SSB Contest, the Guam Contest Club will be on the air again during CQWW CW Contest at end of this month. This time they plan to set a target as the Oceanic leader in the Multi-Single category and World Top 5. Also, they are trying to build an Oceanic record in Muliti-Single category. Look for operators JI3ERV/NH2C, JR7OMD/WI3O, JK3GAD/AL7NC, JR8VSE/NH2N and JP1JFG/N2IU to sign AH2R Guam Island (Zone 27,IOTA OC-26). Their Sunrise/Sunset is: 2024/0750z. QSL vVia JH7QXJ (Direct or JA bureau, NOT KH2 bureau). ■コール: FO0SAI, エンティティー: FO and FO/M, 期間: 11月18-23日 FO & FO/M, FRENCH POLYNESIA AND MARQUESAS. JI1JKW will be operating as FO0SAI from Hiva, Marquesas (OC-027) from November 18-21st. He will then move to Moorea, French Polynesia (OC-046) to operate from November 22-23rd. Operations will be on HF and six meters. QSL via JI1JKW. ■コール: FO0SEV他, エンティティー: オーストラル諸島 FO/A, 期間: 12月04-14日 FO/A, AUSTRAL ISLANDS. Both Leo/K8PYD and Jon/WB8YJF have informed OPDX that they will be leaving on December 1st for the Australs. They expect to arrive on December 3rd, and will leave on December 14th. They should be active all days inclusive December 3-14th. They plan to operate mostly RTTY and some CW (Leo states maybe he will take a mic also if any room is available.... hi) on 80-10 meters. Jon Severt, WB8YJF, will use the callsign FO0SEV and Leo Fry, K8PYD, has the callsign FO0FRY. All cards are to be sent to the home callsigns. They hope to provide a new one for a few that still may need the Australs on RTTY. ■コール: HK0GU, エンティティー: サンアンドレス諸島, 期間: -11月29日迄 HK0, SAN ANDRES ISLAND. Gerd, DL7VOG, will be operating from here now through November 29th using the callsign HK0GU. Activity will be on 80-6 meters, with a possibility of 160 meters. Operations will be mainly on CW and RTTY with some SSB upon request. Equipment will include a barefoot IC-706 and HF9VX vertical. QSL via DL7VOG. You can request a Bureau QSL via E-mail at: ■コール: JD1BIA, エンティティー: 小笠原諸島, 期間: Now and till ? JD/O, OGASAWARA. Three stations were active this past week, one probably a pirate (JD1XX). The station signing JD1BIA was active this past weekend on 6 and 15 meters. Watch 21275 kHz (or lower) after 0530z or later for stateside starting around 2300z. JD1BKZ was also active, mainly on RTTY, on 20 meters usually after 0830z or 1030z. ■コール: JT1/K4ZW, エンティティー: モンゴル, 期間: 11月20日-2x日?
* 北米向け 160M に注力
JT, MONGOLIA (Attention Top Banders). Ken, K4ZW, states final preparations are being made for the lowband operation from Mongolia. JT1CO informs him that the Titanex vertical is installed but not working. There were no instructions with the antenna and tuner, so he suspects something is not set up properly. Their first priority is getting the Titanex operational. Following that, they will work on some receive antennas. Ken has supplies for a rotatable loop and a beverage. They should be active on 80 and 160 meters early in the week of November 19th. A lot will depend on the weather. Ken will be operating as JT1/K4ZW and not JT1FZW as previously reported. ■コール: PY0FM, エンティティー: フェルナンド デ ノローナ, 期間: 11月20-29日 PY0, FERNANDO DE NORONHA. It has been reported that Peter, PY5CC, will be active again as PY0FM on November 20-29th. He is expected to be on 6 meters, but details were provided about HF operations. QSL via JA1VOK. ■コール: T88JA他, エンティティー: パラオ, 期間: 11月22-27日 T8, PALAU. Tosy/JA6VZB and Seiji/JH6RTO will be active from Palau as T88JA and T88FS, respectively, November 22-27th. Tosy's focus is his Single Op/Multi Band operation during the CQWW CW Contest. In contrast, Seiji will always be on 6 meters looking for the Americas and Europe. QSL via their home callsign. ■VKの80Mバンド拡張 (2004/01/01より)3776-3800KHz。 (JA はどうなる?) VK, AUSTRALIA (80m DX Window Expanded). The WIA approached the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) with a view of expanding the window through the creation of a sharing arrangement with present commercial users. After considerable dialog between commercial users, the WIA and the ACA, the ACA has decided to proceed with a change in the allocation of the band 3776-3800 KHz. The ACA's intention is to reallocate this band to the amateur service on a primary basis from 1 January 2004. Commercial incumbents will be moved to the existing land mobile spectrum adjacent to the new amateur band by the end of December 2003. The Australian operators presently are limited to a 4 kHz segement around 3798 kHz. ■コール: VP6D?, エンティティー: デューシー島, 期間: 11月16-22日? VP6/D, DUCIE ISLAND (Possible New One!). Just a reminder that the Pitcairn Island Amateur Radio Association (PIARA) is expected to be admitted as an // 省略 // Oceania, and rarely visited. Because of ecological concerns, only one group may be on the island at one time." ■コール: XW0X, エンティティー: ラオス, 期間: Now and till ? XW, LAOS. Hiro, JA2EZD, active as XW0X was very active the past week on 15 meters CW (around 21031 kHz between 2345-0030z). Reports indicate that he has a new 24 meter high tower and a Kenwood TL-922 amplifier at his office station in downtown Vientiane. His is expected to be active on 40/20/15/10/6 meters, with plans to be on the WARC bands soon. There are even plans for some RTTY operation (equipment donated by JA7MYQ). QSL via Hiroo Yonezuka, P.O. Box 2659 Vientiane, Laos. ■コール: YI1BGD(?), エンティティー: イラク, 期間: Now and till ? YI, IRAQ. Roger, G0MMI, was active from the YI1BGD club station this past weekend on 17 meters for a few hours. Watch 18145 kHz after 1400z. He was saying QSL via G0MMI. ■コール: ZF2AM他, エンティティー: ケイマン諸島, 期間: 11月22-26日? ZF, CAYMAN ISLANDS. Joe/W5ASP, John/K6AM and Carl/K9LA are each planning a Single Band effort for the CQWW CW Contest. Look for K6AM to sign ZF2AM and operate on 10 meters for the contest. W5ASP will sign ZF1A and probably will do either 15 or 20 meters. K9LA will sign ZF2LA and will do 80 meters. Additionally, look for Vicky, AE9YL/ZF2YL, to be active on SSB before, after and during the contest. QSL to their respective home callsigns. ■コール: ZL1WY/ZL7, エンティティー: チャタム島, 期間: 11月30日-12月05日 ZL7, CHATHAM ISLAND. Hiro Miyake, JF1OCQ/W1VX, has plans to go here and be active as ZL1WY/ZL7 from November 30th through December 5th. His activity will be on 80-6 meters CW/SSB. He will especially look for North America and Europe stations on 6 meters during this time. He will operate a breakable Beacon on 50.115 MHz for DX around the clock. QSL via JF1OCQ only: Hiro Miyake, 1-3-6 Asakura, Maebashi, 371-0811 Japan. Do NOT send QSLs to the New Zealand Bureau. ■コール: ZS7ANT, エンティティー: 南極, 期間: -来年02月迄 ZS7, ANTARCTICA. Reports indicate that the ZS7ANT SANAE Base is back on the air with a new operator named Anton, who came to Antarctica without having a ham. However, he has passed his exams (written and CW) under the supervision of the SANAE base commander and a telephone call to South Afric. Anton's new callsign is now ZS4AGA, and he will stay there until February 2002. Plans are in the works to organize a somewhat like traffic net for the WABA interested DXers. Other stations to look for from the Antarctica are: CE9NKR, CE9MFJ, EM1HO, EM1KCC, KC4/N3SIG, KC4AAA, KC4USA and VK0KMT. /EXIT
●●● Subject: 425 DX News #549 * 10-Nov-2001 ●●● Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2001 22:43:43 +0000 From: Mauro Pregliasco <> 10 November 2001 =========================== No 549 *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** **** DX INFORMATION **** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH >>> ●DUCIE ISLAND 2001 <<< Ducie Island (24.40.00S - 124.47.00W, OC-182, WAZ 32, ITU 63) should be the next new Entity to be added to the DXCC List [425DXN 545]. The main part of the team (JA1BK, JF1IST, JA1SLS, K9AJ, K5VT and FO3BM) expects to leave Mangareva (Gambier Islands, French Polynesia) on 13 November in the local evening, to stop at Pitcairn and pick up other two operators (team leader Tom, VP6TC, and Dave, VP6DB) and then to sail immediately for Ducie. They will be active with four stations and a VP6 callsign to be announced when the operation starts, i.e. at 00.00 UTC on 16 November. The team must be back on Mangareva on 28 November. // 省略 // The pilot station is Bill Avery, K6GNX. QSL via VE3HO (HF QSOs: Garth Hamilton, P.O. Box 1156, Fonthill, Ontario L0S 1E0, Canada) and JA1BK (6m QSOs: Kan Mizoguchi, 5-3 Sakuragaoka 4 Chome, Tama-City, Tokyo 206-0013, Japan). Logs will be available at [TNX K6GNX and The Daily DX] ■コール: 3W2LWS, エンティティー: ベトナム, 期間: 11月11-30日 3W - Hans, WA1LWS plans to operate (on 10-20 metres) as 3W2LWS from Vietnam for three weeks starting on 11 November. QSL via WA1LWS. [TNX The Daily DX] ■コール: 6Y*A, エンティティー: ジャマイカ, 期間: 11月20-26日 6Y - The guys of "Team Vertical" will be active from Jamaica on 20-26 November. They will participate in the CQ WW CW Contest, going for North American QRP single band records: look for 6Y1A on 10m (operated by K2KW), 6Y9A on 15m (KE7X), 6Y2A on 20m (N6XG), 6Y4A on 40m (N6BT), 6Y8A on 80m (W0YK) and 6Y0A on 160m (K2KW). Pre-contest QRP activity will be on 10-160 metres and there will be a dedicated 6m rig running high power. Outside the contest, operators will sign homecall/6Y5. QSL all callsigns via WA4WTG. For additional information, including how to win 25 bags of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, please visit [TNX K2KW] ■コール: 9M8/J*****, エンティティー: 東マレーシヤ, 期間: 11月11-14日 9M8 - After attending the SEANET Convention in Kota Kinabalu (9-11 November), JA3AA, JA3UB, JA3AER, JA3ART, JH3GAH, JR3MVF, JA4HCK will go to the Mulu National Park, East Malaysia and will operate (on 10-160 metres SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK31) as 9M8/JA3AA (QSL via JA3AA), 9M8/JA3UB (QSL via JA3UB), 9M8/JA3AER (QSL via JA3AER), 9M8/JA3ART (QSL via JA3ART), 9M8/JR3MVF (QSL via JR3MVF), 9M8/JA4HCK (QSL via JA4HCK) and 9M8TG (QSL via JH3GAH) between 11 and 14 November. [TNX JH3GAH] ■コール: C6A/K8EP, エンティティー: バハマ, 期間: 11月20-27日 C6 - Ed, K8EP will be active (SSB and CW) as C6A/K8EP from Treasure Cay (NA-080), Bahamas on 20-27 November, including an entry in the CQ WW DX CW Contest. QSL via home call. [TNX K8EP] ■コール: ER373R, エンティティー: モルドバ, 期間: 11月21日 ER - Club station ER3KAZ will use special call ER373R on 21 November to celebrate the 373rd anniversary of the town on Rybnitsa. QSL via ER3DX either dirrect (Anatoly Nimirski, P.O. Box 12, Kishinev, MD-2000, Moldova) or through the bureau. [TNX ER3DX] ■コール: FO0SAI, エンティティー: マルケサス, 期間: 11月18-21日 FO - JI1JKW will be active (on HF bands and 6 metres) as FO0SAI from the Marquesas Islands (OC-027) on 18-21 November and from Moorea (OC-046), French Polynesia on 22-23 November. QSL via JI1JKW. [TNX OZ6OM] ■コール: FO0SEV他, エンティティー: オーストラル, 期間: 12月03-14日 FO_aus- Jon Severt, WB8YJF and Leo Fry, K8PYD will be active (mostly RTTY with some CW and may be some SSB as well) from the Austral Islands as FO0SEV and FO0FRY respectively on 3-14 December. QSL via home calls. [TNX K8PYD] ■コール: HK0GU, エンティティー: サンアンドレス, 期間: -11月29日迄 HK0_sa- HK0GU is the call Gerd, DL7VOG [425DXN 548] will be using from San Andres Island (NA-033) until 29 November. He will be active on 80-6 metres (maybe on 160 metres as well) CW and RTTY, with some SSB. QSL via DL7VOG. Bureau cards can be requested by e-mail ( [TNX The Daily DX] ■コール: PY0FM, エンティティー: フェルナド デ ノローナ, 期間: 11月20-29日 PY0_fn- Peter PY5CC will be active again as PY0FM from Fernando de Noronha (SA-003) on 20-29 November. QSL via JA1VOK. [TNX OZ6OM] ■コール: R1ANF, エンティティー: 南極, 期間: 12月中旬より R1_ant- Oleg UA1PBA will be active as R1ANF from the Russian Antarctic Base "Bellingshausen" (AN-010; WABA UA-04) starting around mid December. QSL via RK1PWA. [TNX DL5EBE] ■コール: S79GAN, エンティティー: セーシェル, 期間: 11月15日-12月05日 S7 - Clemens, DL2GAN expects to be active (with 50 watts and various dipoles) as S79GAN from the Seychelles between 15 November and 5 December. [TNX The Daily DX] T8 - Diamond DX Club members Nando/IT9YRE (aka ZK1YRE from OC-159, TA0/IT9YRE/p, from AS-154 and AS-159, SV8/IT9YRE/p from EU-174 etc), Maurizio/IZ1CRR ( web master) and Erminio/IZ8AJQ will be active as T88SI from Sonsorol Island (South Palau group, OC-???) on 9-11 February 2002. They plan to have two stations active on 20, // 来年02月につき省略 // ■コール: T88JA他, エンティティー: パラオ, 期間: 11月22-27日 T8 - Tosy, JA6VZB and Seiji, JH6RTO will be active from Palau (OC-009) on 22-27 November. Look for T88JA (QSL via JA6VZB) to participate in the CQ WW CW DX Contest and for T88FS (QSL via JH6RTO) to operate on 6 metres. [TNX JH6RTO] ■コール: T88HA他, エンティティー: パラオ, 期間: 12月30日-01月03日 T8 - Hiro, JK1FNN and YL operator Mie, 7L1MKM will be active (on all bands CW, SSB and RTTY) as T88HA and T88MY from Palau (OC-009) between 30 December and 3 January. QSLs via JK1FNN. [TNX JI6KVR] ■コール: V63DX, エンティティー: ミクロネシヤ, 期間: 11月23-30日 V6 - Sho, JA7HMZ will be active on all bands as V63DX from Pohnpei (OC-010), Micronesia on 23-30 November. He will participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest as V63A (SOAB). QSLs via JA7AO (bureau card requests are welcome at [TNX JA7KAC] ■コール: V85TG, エンティティー: 東マレーシヤ, 期間: 11月15-17日 V8 - After being active as 9M8TG from East Malaysia (see 9M8 above), Taiei, JH3GAH will be active as V85TG from Brunei on 15-17 November. QSL via home call. [TNX JH3GAH] ■コール: YE1ZTC, エンティティー: インドネシア, 期間: 11月24-25日 YB - A group of operators from the ORARI Lokal Bekasi Club station YE1ZTC (formerly YC1ZTC) will participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest as a Multi-Single entry. Their main bands will be 15, 10 and 20 metres since they have marginal antennas for 160, 80 and 40. Please QRS if necessary, as some of the operators are not (not yet!) used to contest style QSOs. QSL via YB1BOD. [TNX YB1BOD] ■コール: ZD8Z, エンティティー: アセンション島, 期間: 11月19日-12月18日 ZD8 - Jim, N6TJ will be active again as ZD8Z from Ascension Island (AF-003) between 19 November and 18 December. He will participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest. [TNX The Daily DX] QSL via VE3HO ■コール: ZL1WY/ZL7, エンティティー: チャタム島, 期間: 11月30日-12月05日 ZL7 - Hiro, JF1OCQ will be active as ZL1WY/ZL7 from the Chatham Islands (OC-038) between 30 November and 5 December. He will operate on 80-6 metres SSB and CW, with an emphasis on 6 metres for North America and Europe. A breakable beacon will be on 50.115 MHz around the clock. QSL via JF1OCQ. [TNX JF1OCQ] ■コール: ZS7ANT, エンティティー: 南極, 期間: -2001年02月迄 ZS_ant - Anton ZS4AGA is a newly licenced amateur radio operator who is currently stationed (until February 2002) at the SANAE Base (ZS7ANT, WABA ZS-01) on Princess Martha Coast (AN-016). [TNX DL5EBE] BRUNEI AND MALAYSIA ---> Hans, DF5UG is in Malaysia for the SEANET Convention and was active as 9M6QQ. He will be in that area for another week and he is expected to operate also as 9M2QQ, 9M8QQ and V85QQ from Brunei. Depending on local condition he might go to Brunei's (OC-184) and Sarawak's (OC-165) coastal island groups as well. QSL via home call. [TNX DL2GAC] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- **** GOOD TO KNOW ... **** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH QSL D68C ---> Phil, G3SWH reports that nearly 50% of the direct requests for D68C QSLs have been processed and that 25,000 QSOs have been confirmed to date. [TNX G3XTT]
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