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 ●JA3AAW * 2002年4月下旬 DX 関係ニュース 
海外の週間ニュースから (簡略版)
DXCC 稼ぎに関係のない IOTA 記事等は省略しました。
UpDate: 2002/04/20

●●● Subject: 425 DX News #572 * 20 April 2002 ●●● Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 20:45:15 +0100 From: Mauro Pregliasco ( =========================== *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** **** DX INFORMATION **** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH ■コール: 3D2IZ, エンティティー: フイジー島, 期間: 4月19-26日 Brian, N6IZ plans to be active (hopefully as 3D2IZ) from Namotu (OC-121), Fiji Islands on 19-26 April. He will operate on 10, 15, 20 and 40 metres with 100 watta and a vertical antenna. [TNX The Daily DX] ■コール: JA1KJW/JD1, エンティティー: 小笠原諸島, 期間: 4月21-28日 Look for JA1HEF/JD1, JA1KJW/JD1 and JE1XXG/JD1 to be active (on 160-6 metres CW and SSB) from Ogasawara on 21-28 April. QSL via home calls. [TNX JA1ELY] ■コール: KH1**, エンティティー: ベイカー島, 期間: 4月29日-4月09日 The final list of operators for the upcoming DXpedition to Baker Island include YT1AD, YU1AU, YU1DX, Z32ZM, ZS6MG/Z31FU, KW4DA, N6TQS, RZ3AA, RA3AUU, 9X0A/RW3AH, S56A and LY3NUM. Estimated QRV time is from 4 UTC on 29 April through 2 UTC on 9 May. QSL via RZ3AA (SSB only: Roman Thomas, P.O. Box 2059, Moscow, 101000, Russia) and YT1AD (other modes: Dr. Hrane Milosevic, 36206 Vitanovac, Yugoslavia). The web site for the DXpedition is at ■コール: K7ASU/KH9, エンティティー: ウェーク島, 期間: 4月27日より4週間 Terry, K7ASU will operate as K7ASU/KH9 from Wake Island (OC-053) starting around 27 April for approximately 4 weeks. He will be QRV in his spare time, most likely between 7 and 9 UTC. QSL via K7ASU. [TNX The Daily DX] ■コール: T2DA, エンティティー: ツバル, 期間: 4月22-25日 Dave Anderson, KW4DA is part of the Baker Island DXpedition team. Prior to and following the activity from Baker he will operate from Tuvalu (OC-015) on CW, RTTY, PSK, SSB and SSTV. Look for T2DA on 22-25 April and again on 11-16 May. QSL via KW4DA (Dave Anderson, 712 Baneberry Court, Asheville, NC 28803, USA). [TNX KW4DA] ■コール: VK9ML, エンティティー: メリッシュリーフ, 期間: 4月25日頃まで Rough seas and strong winds delayed the voyage, and the VK9ML team reached Mellish Reef on 14 April around 12.30 UTC. Five stations came on the air at 10.00 UTC on 15 April after a day of hectic setup. The original QRT date of 22 April might be extended. QSL via VK4APG. Visit for up-to-date informatiom and log search. [TNX N1DG] ■コール: VP9/W9AEB, エンティティー: バーミュダ, 期間: -4月28日 Tom, W9AEB reports he will be active (on 10-20 metres SSB and CW) as VP9/W9AEB from Bermuda (NA-005) until 28 April. QSL via WF9V. ------------------ 425 DX News * End --------------------- コール: A25/DJ6SIs エンティティー: ボツワナ, 期間: Now (de 3aaw) 2月26-27日頃西サハラ S07X, S07V で出ていた Baldur DJ6SI 等は 4月17日から 10-80M CW でリポートが上がっているが、何時まで運用するがは不明。(4/20) A25/DJ6SI と A25/DL1YFF で QSL はそれぞれのホームへ。(4/22) Subject: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #559 * April 22, 2002 A25, BOTSWANA. You still have a few days to work Baldur/DJ6SI and Hans/ DL1YFF as A25/homecall. Their activity has been on 160-10 meters CW (DJ6SI only) and SSB/RTTY (DL1YFF). QSL via their home callsigns.

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