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  JA3AAW's Location  

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This place Nishiwaki city, Hyogo-pref. is called "Navel of Japan" and the intersection of longitude 135 degrees east / latitude 35 degrees north is in our city.

Japan Standard Time (JST) is based on the longitude 135deg E.

JA3AAW station is located one mile south/west of the intersection.

3aaw_Qsl-h3.jpg 36Kb
My QSL card made in 1991

As for my QTH, surroundings are enclosed by the mountain. The handicap of the radio communication grows on higher bands. Then, I aim at the low bands, especially on 160M.
The iron tower for the antenna is one of the crank-up type made of the Aichi tower industry.

The photograph of the antenna of the top is a dipole for 30 / 40M, and the next of it a dipole for 12/17M, and the next of it abeam for 15/20M, and others wire antennas, such as a dipole and 2 slopers for 80/160M.

Right and left behind of the antenna tower are my houses.

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The center of the picture is my house with blue roof.
(Click the picture you can see the large screenD47Kb)
Mountain-top direction just becomes in the direction of Europe.

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This picture is taken from the opposite mountain about 1 km far.

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The building which is visible to the place 200m behind the antenna tower is a citizen hospital.

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The antenna group on the steel tower.

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