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S9SS * Sao Tome, Africa
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 ● Date: 2002/08/30 → 09/09 ● Subject: S9SS * Sao Tome * on 160M
--(10月08日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- Charles S92SS が高出力の巨大な「VOA(アメリカの声)」ラジオ中継局の傍らにあり、QRM, QRN に苦労 している状況が書かれています。 Web サイトの写真はクリックすれば拡大したものが見られます。 ★Subject: Topband: S9SS To: From: Bill Tippett <> Date: Sun, 06 Oct 2002 17:38:50 -0400 Many of us worked Charles KY4P as S92SS several years ago. He's an engineer with VOA, recently returned to Sao Tome and now is once again active as S9SS on Topband. Read Charles's story here... ...and you'll understand why S9LA completely gave up on 160 and why it takes a dedicated Topbander like Charles to hear through the nearby 600 kW VOA station on 1530 kHz, not to mention a full-time 20 kW station on 945 kHz and the usualEquatorial QRN! Were it not for Charles, most of us would still need S9 on Topband. Thanks for your persistence and low- band know-how Charles! Maybe he'll go to 3C0, 9M0, 9U5, and other needed spots in the Equatorial zone next. 73, Bill W4ZV --(10月05日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- S50U の Web サイトにある S9SS のログ検索ページから JA 局との QSO実績を調べた。 殆どが 17M に限られているが、秋から冬に掛けてローバンドに期待が持たれる。 S9SS のこれまでのトータル実績 = 3,722 QSOs。 S9SS QSL via N4JR (From 25-May-2002 17:23Z through 27-Sep-2002 23:28Z) Band 28 24 21 18 14 10.1 7 T/L CW 5 - 1 394 7 - 1 408 SSB 6 - 7 23 1 1 38 T/L 11 0 8 417 8 0 2 446 ★Subject: 425 DX News #596 * 5 October 2002 より; Dan, S50U reports he has just completed a log search for Charles, S9SS with QSL information for his previous A22AA, S92SS, SV0LM and A25/KY4P operations as well. The log, S9SS photos and station information can be found at: --(09月09日)--------------------------------------------------------------------- 予定より早く 160M に QRV してきましたが、高いノイズレベルに運用の時間制約があり苦労して いるようです。 ★Subject: Topband: S9SS on 160 From: charles Lewis <> To: Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 04:12:29 -0700 (PDT) I completed installation of my 160 meters T-Top over the weekend. I called CQ on CW Saturday night, despite a very high noise level. A YL2 came back after several calls; however, I was not able to complete his call sign before he faded too far into the noise. I expect it was either YL2IX or YL2DX. I could hear no other signals on the band. I surely hope the noise situation improves later in the season. I am located on the Voice of America transmitting site. My 160M efforts will have to be limited to the hours between 2230 UTC (2200 Saturday) and 0300 UTC. That's because the antenna of our 600,000 watt transmitter on 1530 kHz is less than 1/4 mile from my home. I don't think I need to elaborate on that! 73, Charles - S9SS --(08月30日)------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rich K1HTV の伝えるところによると、Charles S9SS からのEメールで、此の10月末までに 160Mで 運用するべくアンテナを整備すると。 (T型バーチカルとラジアル、リニアーアンプを使用) 彼等(S9SS と Lesley S9YL)は 1997年04月迄同地から S92 のプリフィックスで QRV。その後5年の ブランクがあり今年5月から再度 VOA(The Voice of America)中継局勤務に就き運用を再開した。 (K1HTV も同じく VOAの関係者)。 シーズンが来れば S9SS にラブコールを送らねば JAを向いてくれないと思いますが。 ★Subject: Topband: S9SS 160M plans From: Richard Zwirko <> To: Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 19:15:11 -0400 Fellow Topbanders, I received this email note from Charles, S9SS (formerly S92SS) who gave me (K1HTV) and many others a new country on 160 Meters. Charles is transmitting station manager of the Sao Tome relay station of IBB, the International Broadcasting Bureau which transmits VOA programming to that region of the world. Also attached to the email were a few pictures (not included here because of file size) of his new QTH and a huge Baobab tree from which he plans to run a 'T-top' antenna on 160M. Its nice to hear that S9 will soon be on the air again on the Top Band. 73 de Rich - K1HTV - - - Charles writes: Rich, Lesley and I are back in Sao Tome. We were given the call signs S9YL and S9SS. That's same as last time minus the "2". I have begun work putting together a T-top for 160 meters. The antenna itself should be a bit more efficient than the one I had before. My supports will be taller, so I will have a longer vertical radiator. I will also have a few hundred more watts of power. My position, however, is not as good for the path to the states. Previously, along that path I had only about a quarter mile of land between me and the sea. This time, though I still live by the sea, there are around 20 miles of intervening land along the path to the U.S. before it reaches the sea. You can tell your 160 meter friends that I expect to be QRV on that band by the end of October. It remains to be seen how well I'll get out from this new QTH on the VOA site. 73, Charles - S9SS (picture, not included) S9YL at the Base of a Huge Baobab Tree That Will Support One End of the T-Top (another picture) I live in the house in the center. You can imagine how bad the QRM is from those curtain antennas just across the street! You can just make out the old HyGain TH-2 above the palms to the left rear of the house. _______________________________________________ Topband mailing list

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