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TN3s-2002 * Congo

概  要

    コール:     TN3B and TN3W   メンバー: Josep EA3BT and Nuria EA3WL 
    運用期間:   (2002/05/16 - 05/27)  → 2002/05/19 - 05/27 
    バンド他:   6-80M SSB, RTTY と CWを若干 
        MODE   10M     12      15      17      20      30      40      80      6M 
        SSB    28,495  24,945 *21,295  18,145  14,195          7,052   3,795   50,110   
        CW             24,905          18,075  14,025  10,103 
        RTTY                   21,083          14,083            *SSB= also 21,195 
    QTH:             Brazzaville *  04.17'S / 15.17'E 
    JA1→TN:         方位=288゜(SP),   距離=13,400Km 
    日の出/日没:     Date     Rise    Set 
                     May-15   0501z   1650z 
                     May-20   0502z   1650z 
                     May-25   0503z   1650z 
    通信可能バンド:   6-80M 
    QSL via EA3BT  Josep Gibert,  C/ Col-legi, 1, 08800 Vilanova i la Geltru, SPAIN. 
    Web-site:  ← 装備等 詳細が出ています。
      Log search 
                       (5/22 PM utc からログ検索が可能).


 ● Date: 2002/05/07 → 7/27 ● Subject: TN3s * Congo  By EA3BT, EA3WL    

URLで確認出来ます。 目下7月21日に到着した分迄なので JAで7月15日頃までに投函したものが対象
になります。 (JAは 346局のコールサインが見られます)。
These are the QSL card requested directly till 21th July 2002. 

全ログ検索が可能です。 JA局の最終実績が出ましたが、10-20M で 2,118 QSO でした。

◆TN3B/TN3W - JA局 QSO最終実績 (*No QSO on 6 and 40M); 
 Call/Band   *6M    10      12     15     17     20    *40M    T/L  
 TN3B (SSB)    0    168     80     281     66     70     0     665  
 TN3B (CW)     0      0      7       0      0      0     0       7  
 TN3B (RTTY)   0      5      0       0            41     0      46  
 TN3W (SSB)    0    316    365     330    295     94     0    1400  
 T/L=          0    489    452     611    361    205     0    2118  

精力的に運用した両局は 5月27日13:30Z頃に終了しました。 全ログ検索は数日以内に可能の由。

◆TN3B/TN3W と JA局の QSO実績(2002/05/25 17:00Z台 現在);   (RTTY=34, CW=1 以外全てSSB) 
 Band        6M    10      12     15     17     20     40M    T/L  
                           // 省略 // 
 T/L=        -     268     156    458    268    64      0     1214 

★3日間一寸で 11,600 QSOs。 6M はコンディション悪く約 100 QSOs のみ(今日再度トライする)。
JA 向け 17M は 21:00-22:00Z に。 残りの日数は全バンド/全地域が対象。
TN3Bは CW が得意でないので、出来るだけ拡がって、低速度で呼ぶように。 ログ検索は 22日午後 
utc から可能。

★Subject: QRZ de TN3B & TN3W 
From: "EA3AJI, Pilot of TN3B/W" ( 
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 22:13:02 +0200 

Hello guys.
Today, TN was calling on 50 Mhz. but condition are poor.  Only about 100 qso's. 
Tomorrow they will try again.  Please, look for them. 
Tomorrow they will be: 
- On 12m between 13:00z and 16:00z looking for USA
- On 17m between 16:00z and 17:00z looking for EU
- On 17m between 21:00z and 22:00z looking for JA
- Rest of the day: all times and all bands to everybody looking for window openings.
They have his 40m antenna tunned.  Look for them and good luck.
After 3 days and few more of operation they have 11.600 qso's.  You must think that 
are only 2 people there.  Operating, mounting and tunning antennas, etc... 
They can only sleep 5 hours every day and only take dinner. No breakfast and no launch. 
So, they would like that all the people will be patient with them.
His policy is to give a new one to maximum of people.

About CW, you must remember they are not a CW'ers.  When Josep is keying, you must 
call always up and in a wide split.  You also must call in a slow speed.  If you call 
in high speed, then will be more difficult for them to catch you.

Logs ara on line till today afternoon.  All are OK without problems.  So, if you are 
not in them, you have no qso.
Thank's to be patient with all the team.  See you on the pile up's.

TN3B and TN3W の1日半経過後の QSO は 5.650。 ログ検索は 22日朝から。 SSB, RTTY 以外に 
CW も少し 22日(水)に。 6M のアンテナも立て 21日(22日も)17:00-18:00Z に。
(80M のローバンドについては、私は 1994/07/13 20:09Zに 3.5CW で TN0CW と QSO)。

★Subject: QRZ de TN3B & TN3W 
From: "EA3AJI, Pilot of TN3B/W" ( 
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 21:52:13 +0200 
  Hello to everybody. 
  TN3B & TN3W have 5.650 qso's is his log after day and half.
  Logs will be on web tomorrow evening.
  For lovers of CW: they will operate few CW.  Remember that they are not a CW'ers and 
  operation is in SSB and RTTY.  So, be patient and pay attention.  Tomorrow Tuesday 
  they will be all day in SSB and on Wednesday will work also CW and RTTY.
  They are building the 50 Mhz antenna and will try to be active between 17:00z and 
  19:00z on Tuesday and Wednesday on windows opennings.
  The antennas for 40/80 are ready.  They hope to be on air tomorrow.
  Please, novices pay attention next weekend.  Look for them on 21.195 28,900
  Pacific: they will pay special attention tomorrow Tuesday on 17 Mhz at 10:00z.
  73 and good luck.  Pere,

現地に到着しているオペ達は 19日 12:00Z 前に 10, 12M SSB で運用開始しました。

★Subject: QRZ de TN3B & TN3W 
From: "TN3B & TN3W" ( 
Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 14:06:58 +0200 
  Such was planned and with all the problems solved,  at 12:00z TN3B & TN3W has begun 
  in 12m and 10m SSB.  Pere,

★Subject: QRZ de TN3B & TN3W 
Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 15:31:32 +0200 
  Tomorrow Sunday, about 12:00z, TN3B & TN3W will be on air.

オペは現地に到着しているが、機材が手違いでパリ空港に残っており、運用開始は 19-20日頃に。

★Subject: [DX-NEWS] QRZ de TN3B & TN3W 
From: "QRZ de TN3B & TN3W" ( 
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 19:28:21 +0200 
  Bad news from TN.  Baggage that contained clothes, equipments and antennas 
  retarded in Paris airport due a mistake of the billing department.  We are 
  working in order to recover them and seems  that we'll have a "happy end" 
  this Saturday 18th.  They hope to be active on Sunday or Monday.
  73's and see you in the "pile-up's" (I hope....).  Pere, EA3AJI 

昨年 D68BT, D69WL で QRV した夫妻(?)は、今年はコンゴにリニアーアンプを持って行き運用します。
コール: TN3B and TN3W、 期間: 5月16〜27日。

★Subject: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #553 * March 11, 2002 
TN, CONGO.  Josep/EA3BT and Nuria/EA3WL are planning another DXpedition; this time 
to the Congo between May 16-27th.  You may remember them from their 2001 DXpedition 
to Comoros as D68BT and D68WL.  They have applied for the callsigns TN3B and TN3W 
(still not comfirmed).  They plan for activity on 80-6 meters with operations on 
SSB/RTTY and some CW.  Two stations will be active with beams (for 20/17/15/12/10) 
and dipoles (for 40/80 meters) in the hope to provide a "new one" (entity/band/mode) 
to as many as possibe.  The Congo is listed as the 38th most wanted entity by the 
ARRL's DXCC.  Check out their Web page for more information at:

 JA3AAW copyright© 2002