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It limits to the rod of stock and makes Ex-Tip for Add $300.

c medium fast action


No.16840 Mortised Para-Miyuki 905 TORAFU 7'6" #5 2tip/2p Snake Wood

Parabolic medium action
  ※ Mortised Snakewood grip and filler
  ※ Used Torafu bamboo

Metal:24k Gold plated
REC uplock screw reel seat with 24k Gold plated & snalewood filler.
Guides:Pacific Bay gold nitride coated double foot
Stripping guides: Orange banded Agate with 24k Gold plated
WINDING THREAD =YLI dull gold & black tipping.
Other:Ferrule Plug

Mortised Para-Miyuki 905 snakewood 7'6" #5 2p 2tip =$2,370.-
The rod socks and the aluminum tube are attached. Shipping and handling =Free shipping

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