ACTY (Himi) English Conversation Class Example Dialogues

The Door in the Wall

By Joel Rees and an ACTY (Himi) High School Eikaiwa Class, 1995.9.19
Copyright 1999 Joel Matthew Rees and ACTY Eikaiwa
Takino-cho/Yashiro-cho, Kato-gun, Hyogo-ken, Japan

Student I: I wonder what's behind that wall hanging.
Student Y: Just the wall, of course.
Student T: Why do you think there's something behind that wall hanging?
Student I: It looks suspicious to me. Doesn't it look suspicious to you?
Student T: How so?
Student I: Well, see how there's a line right at the shadow? And the size is just right for a door.
Student Y: That's the outside wall. What would be on the other side?
Student I: I think it's very suspicious. There must be a door behind it. Don't you think there's a door behind it?
Student Y: Well ...
Student T: You're imagining too much. Teacher, what's behind that wall hanging?
Teacher: I think it's just the outside wall, but I've never looked. Let's take a look. Hmm. Looks like just the wall to me. (tap tap tap tap) It does sound hollow, but most walls in Japan sound hollow.
Student Y: Oh No! What happened to the teacher? Where did he go?

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