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Telephone Examples

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Business Telephone Example
By Joel Rees, 1995.10.3

O: Tanaka General Enterprises, switchboard. Who[m] do you wish to speak to?
C: This is Charles Harrison. I'd like to speak with Mr. Momotaro Tanaka.
O: Please hold. (on hold) He is not at his desk. May I take a message?
C: I wanted to confirm our appointment this afternoon.
O: Let me connect you with his receptionist. Please wait while I transfer you.
C: Hey, wait! (click) Shoot. I wonder if she can speak English.
R: Engineering office, receptionist's desk. How may I help you?
C: Oh. Yes. I need to confirm an appointment with Mr. Momotaro Tanaka this afternoon.
R: Your name, please?
C: Charles Harrison. Do you know when he'll be in?
R: Your appointment is for three forty-five. He is in the building right now. Should I have him paged?
C: Please.
R: Please hold. (caller on hold, over the pbx:) Momotaro Tanaka, please pick up line seven.
M: (picking up line seven) Yes?
R: Your three forty-five appointment, a Mr. Harrison, to speak with you.
M: I'll take it. Please transfer him here.
R: Okay. (transfers call)
M: Mr. Harrison. This is Mr. Tanaka. How are you?
C: Not bad. I was going over the blueprints and had a question ... .

Family Telephone Example
By Joel Rees, 1995.10.3

S: Morii residence, Susumu Morii here. With whom do you wish to speak?
J: Hello. This is Jeff Brown. Is Masae there?
S: Just a minute, and I'll check. (covers the mouthpiece and calls) Masae, are you here?
M: Yeah, Dad, I am.
S: (into the phone) Yes, she is.
M: What is it, Dad?
J: Uhhm, may I speak with her?
S: Yes; I'll call her. (covering the mouthpiece) The phone's for you. Somebody who says he is Jeff Brown. (into the phone) She's busy the whole weekend, by the way.
J: Oh. Uhh.
M: Give me that phone! (grabs the phone) Hi Jeff!
J: Hello, Masae. How are you doing?
M: Great! How are you?
J: Okay. Are you really busy the whole weekend?
M: No, I'm not busy the whole weekend. Dad's just being a pill.
J: Oh. Good. I, uhmm, was hoping you might go miniature golfing with me.
M: I'll ask. (to her father) Dad, can I go miniature golfing with Jeff?
S: The whole weekend?
M: Of course not! (into the phone) Uh, when are we going?
J: I was thinking about Saturday afternoon.
M: (to her father) Saturday afternoon?
S: May I come along?

A Standard Prank Telephone Call
By Joel Rees, 1995.12.5

(Don't try this at home, kids!)

(ring, ring)
X: Hello?
Y: Hello, is Moses there?
X: Moses?
Y: Yeah, Moses. I want to talk to Moses.
X: There's no one named Moses here. You must have the wrong number.
Y: Oh. Sorry. (click)
(ring, ring)
X: Hello.
Y: (In a different voice:) I need to talk to Moses.
X: Uhh, there's no Moses here.
Y: Where is he?
X: I think you have the wrong number.
Y: Well, will you tell Moses to call Joe?
X: I don't know anyone named Moses. You dialed the wrong number.
Y: Oh. I'm sorry. Goodbye.
X: Goodbye. (click)
(ring, ring)
X: Hello.
Y: (In yet another voice:) Yo! This is Moses. Have there been any calls for me?
X: (Presses the '#' key: beep, then in a different voice:)
Call tracing activated.
(In normal voice:) Woops. Yeah, Moses, there was a guy named Joe called for you. Didn't leave his number.
Y: Uh, yeah. Gotcha. (click)

A Standard Prank Telephone Answer
By Joel Rees, 1995.12.5

(Don't try this at home, kids!)

(ring, ring)
P: Hello, Joe's Mortuary. You stab 'em, we slab 'em.
M: (from another room:) Phil, stop that.
R: (Altered voice:) Oh, Max, this is Joe. I have a rush order. I plugged a guy out here on Seventh and A. Can you get the wagon out here quick?
P: Wagon? Uhh, wait. This isn't really Joe's Mortuary.
R: Hey, Phil, I got you good!
P: Oh, Robert, it's you. You scared me.
M: Good for him!

A Family Prank Telephone Answer
By Joel Rees, 1995.12.5

(Don't try this at home, Parents!)

(ring, ring)
D: Grand Central Station at rush hour, which busy train do you want?
W: What?
M: Dad! Do you know what kind of example you're setting for your children?
W: Oh. Mr. Baker. It's you. You crazy guy.
D: Phil left the dock at six fifty-two, for Avalon, via the Jones, Harris, and White residences.
W: So he should be here in about ten minutes, I suppose. Thank you.
D: We aim to please. Don't have too much fun at the movies without me.
W: We'll try. Good night.

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