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Joel Rees,
a sometimes mathematical activist
and wannabe Mac/UNIX programmer
working and living in Japan.
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Takino-cho, Kato-gun, Hyogo-ken, Japan

My sannet (Japan) e-mail address is
My nettaxi (US?) e-mail address is
My nettaxi home page, which mirrors this, is at
(You will need a Japanese-enabled browser to view many of the web pages I reference.)

The Nettaxi site is a free-site, so it comes with ad banners, some of which are offensive. I pay for this site, so it is ad-free.

I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe that the Christian gospel encompasses all truth. I also believe the Christian religion is the prototype religion, the prototype cosmology, and the prototype science. I believe that all human religion, science, philosophy, etc., either derives from the Christian gospel or attempts to reject it. If you like, you can read more of my personal philosophies. Of course, I am just human, and my philosophies are as weak as anyone's.

If you want to get the truth, pray and listen with your heart. Be patient, both with yourself and with God. Perfect understanding takes a while. If you aren't satisfied with the religion/cosmology you were raised on, you might try Christianity the way the "Mormons" teach it. I like it. They tell it like it is.

On a much less sacred subject, computers were given to us to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to record family history. All other uses are peripheral and incidental. And, of course, I have more opinions on computers, too.

I have some downloadables, including sample C source code and a program (hack, really) to generate BINGO-like word games and randomized tests on Macs.

I am also arrogant enough to attempt to re-define the low-level structure of character sets, and to invent a new general run-time architecture.

With the approval of some of my former employers, I am publishing a few of the English conversation examples I wrote when I was teaching English here for a couple of years. I may add some new examples if I can get enough sleep to get my imagination back.

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