Philosophy, Cosmology, Religion, and Truth,
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I believe that all mathematics and other sciences can lead either towards or away from truth, depending on one's personal biases.

(Do you like truth or not?)

No group of mortal men can ever fully comprehend or record much of the general body of truth. An individual might comprehend significant portions for a moment, but the vision is immediately closed so we can get on with life.

The gospel of Jesus Christ, however, comprehends all truth. As I understand it, "Jesus" means "God is help". God is happy to reveal truth to all who are willing to receive truth, in whatever fields they are willing to receive truth in, to the degree we are willing to receive it. Experience is necessary; we must implement or preach or at least record privately the understandings we gain if we want to keep them.

The Grand Unifying Principal of physics is found in Matthew 22:36-40. That which we love with greatest priority becomes our God. If our God is true, we can then properly interact with others.

The Grand Unifying Theory is not a theory. It is summed up in the Fourth Article of Faith of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

Faith, Change, Relationship, Truth

Okay, I'm paraphrasing rather capriciously. My explanation is also capricious:

Faith is in Jesus Christ, the God we chose before this life, ordained to help humankind. If I have been taught correctly, "Jesus" means "God is help", and "Christ" means "ordained".

Good change is improvement. Improvement comes by sacrifice. In other words, Jesus calls us all to repent, to turn from evil to good.

Relationship is by covenant, sometimes formal and sometimes implicit. Our relationship with God (and with the whole universe) is by both the formal covenant of baptism the informal covenant of obedience to truth. Baptism is by immersion to symbolize our desire to immerse ourselves in reality, life, and truth, even at the expense of putting our petty, precocious intermediate perfections in the watery grave.

Truth is what is, what has been, and what will be; truth responds, resonates to truth through the medium of the spirit. The Holy Spirit of God is the Essence of all that is true and real, the very substance of the universe we live in.

Now, if being too close to God scares you, don't get God confused with the devil (bad god, as some of my Japanese friends say). The devil runs around pretending to be God, trying to get us to abuse each other. God is all-powerful, but God knows that to abuse power is to lose it. For this reason, a real relationship with God is based in love, not power (and we do well if we follow this example). God gave us our freedom because there was no other way to help us. Forcing us to heaven would have turned heaven to hell.

Reality can be a difficult thing to deal with sometimes, but it is always better than the alternative.


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