All of the following items have been made or remodeled by Kojitaku

Blink comparator ...My original design, very usefull for film checking, available for 2B format, made in 1987
Inside of the blink comparator ...using diagonal mirrors and beam splitter prism
Measuring microscope ...for astrometry, with digital micrometers readable from computer program, made in 1988

Focusing unit for Wright schmidt camera ...using COPAL's electric shutter
Electric shutter ...COPAL's electric shutter, aperture size is 80mm dia.
remodeled Mamiya RB film holder ...suction holder for film flatness improvement and film winding is controllable by signal
Suction holder ...pressure plate with small suction tube
remodeled PENTAX LX camera ...with OLYMPUS's data back
Canon + Fujinon lens ...remodeled Fujinon 16mm f/2.8 fish eye lens for Canon body
All sky camera ...for automated fire-ball patrolling, test model, about 20years ago