Good Fishing Places (1) Around Kitamoto City,Japan.

Japanese Version

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Place : Ishiyasita Pond.
Fish : Herabuna
This is a place where you can fish for herabuna (a kind of crucian carp). Many Japanese enjoy herabuna fishing the whole year. A long time ago it was a part of Arakawa river. But unfortunately it's not free you have to pay 400 yen (about 4 dollars) a day for fishing there.

Place : In Kitamoto Park.
Fish : Carp, Catfish
This place was constructed as a city park a couple years ago. Many people enjoy fishing here on the weekend.

Place : Marsh Kamatora.
Fish : Black bassASnakehead Mullet.
You can fish the black bass,snakehead mullet and many other kind of fish here.
The picture of the fish on the right is called oikawa.
This oikawa picture is offered by Saitama aquarium.

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