Good Fishing Places (2) Around Kitamoto City, in Japan.

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Place : Exit of Musashi waterway from Tone river to Arakawa river.
Fish : Crucian carp,ayu
Place : Musashi waterway from Tonegawa river in Arakawa river.
Fish : Crucian carp
Arakawa is an important river as it is the water source of Tokyo area.But Arakawa is given lots of water from the Tonegawa as Tokyo needs more water than the Arakawa can supply.This place is the exit to flow in Arakawa river from Tonegawa river. And it's one of a few good fishing points.

Place : Toneozeki (1)
Fish : Big Carp ,Grass fish
Tonegawa river has the longest length in Japan. It is about a half mile wide. So Many kinds of big fish live in there. Some kind of fish are 5 feet long. Even in very cold winter some fisherman can be seen waiting the whole day for those big fish to catch.
The picture of salmon on the right is one I took here.

Place : Toneozeki (2)
Fish : Ayu, salmon,Other Many other kinds of fish.
You can fish many kinds of fish. Big fish lives here.
The picture on the right is called ayu.
This ayu picture is offered by the Saitama Aquarium.

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