Name: Yuko Saitoh
Born: Kyoto, Japan 1955
Education: Graduated Doshisha University, English Literature.
        Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts School, Paris
        Professional Course Graduate
        Flower Arrangement Instructor License, Japan
At home: Host classes for flower arrangement and French Cuisine for entertaining.

When I was young my father would go on business trips New York. At a young age I become fascinated with foreign countries. While in university I would help my mother with fashions from other countries. I would follow my mother over to Paris every year to help her with her work. I then decided to study abroad in Paris.

 My personal style of Sumi Asobi arose a few years ago.
Nov. 2004 I Bienal De Art International De Barcelona Exhibition
(Casa Bitllo; A.Gaudi)
May 2005 The Festival of Japanese-Korean Contemporary Art Exhibition
(Kumho Museum of Art-Seoul, Korea)
June 2005 Hakone Art Festival Exhibition  (The Hakone Open-Air Museum)
Sept. 2005 Artistes Exposes A Artenim 2005
(First Japanese artist to participate in this exhibition)
(Parc Expo Nimes)
Oct. 2005 Salon Des Artistes Francais 2005 (Parc Florl De Paris)
Was accepted for exhibition first time around. Usually takes multiple attempts to have pieces exhibited.

  The Characters used in Japanese and Chinese are called Kanji. While all kanji carry deep meaning they also have a sense of beauty.

Sumi Asobi tries to portray what is felt from the beauty and meaning through
special techniques of the brush. (Delicate sharp lines, using light and dark
shades of the ink to give a mysterious contrast)

Please don
t try to literally read the characters.
As you enjoy the art, let your imagination open up to a whole new world.

I hope that through the style of Sumi Asobi the traditional uses of the
brush and ink will cross borders and age gaps to be received openly in all parts of the world.

The Kanji are titles of the pieces. All pieces have been arranged by the
images these kanji give.
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