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1.For the fat solution of the pet dog, the running machine only for the dog of SunagaImpulse"DogPromenade" Pat.P 
 The explanation page of the familiar contents is this. An agency is being invited, too. here


※Most dogs reject that it runs with the running machine for the human being. The step by step joint (the fixation of the dog) which half fixes a posture on with the training machine only for the pet, and buffer device are attached to this product of PAT.P. Therefore, it gets accustomed to running early, and it is safe, and there are a few burdens of the pet, and lets me do a natural movement. Contact us

2.Without the trend of the attention future, the movement business of the dog

New income is possible by the increase in efficiency of the space by the new business of the diet training of the pet.
 ※Several units are installed, and it does business as a training center.
 In the business by 6 units, annual sales plan 21,153,600 yen (60% of the operating rates) 
The explanation page of the movement business (training) of the dog is this.

  1. Movement business outline
  2. Business place
  3. Sales plan
  4. Product price
  5. Function
  6. Product photograph

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