To the dearest Apple
"Welcome to Macintosh" once more!

Japanese                1997.5.13 Takahashi@tktr

I'm still using system 7.5.5 at this moment.

I read an article in a magazine that says MacOS 7.6 doesn't have those
messages. I'm talking about those "Welcome to Macintosh", "A Happy New
Year" and "A Merry Christmas" dialogs!

I know that it's not going to effect Macintosh's function in any way, but I
think Macintosh like that is definitely boring.

People! Why don't you make a big deal out of such a important thing?

I don't care what PC people says. Turn on the switch and get whole bunch of
messages you can't even afford to read, then open spread sheet with yawning.
I don't like that kind of computer anyway.

Steve Jobs once said:

There was a research about the energy consumed when animal transfer given
distance. The result shows that bird moves most efficiently, and human being
was unfortunately down there on the list. However, once human being was
given bicycle, one became the fastest. Human being is able to amplify their
ability. Say, Mac is a bicycle of our thought. In other words, Mac can take over
the business when someone has poor ability on the subject. Make possible
what once a difficulty to us. That's where Apple is trying to reach.
The direction Apple is going is making Macintosh to be a tool that can amplify
abilityof individuals. And that is different from calculator Japanese make.
Its's a tool for our thoughts.

once translated to Japanese, then translated to English by Georges)

Macintosh which was developed with this concept might be just a chunk of
metal, but I don't think it's just a machine like other computers. I understand
that that is why it always start with Smile Mac and "Welcome to Macintosh"
dialog, and I think those are the symbol of the idea.

If you own a web site and support this idea, would you give out these message?
would you link to this page even from your comment about this matter?
Please give me any message about this matter. I will post them on another page in this site.

Words from who translated this document
OS8 will be delivered less than 3 weeks from now. One of our long-waited dream is
about to come true, but what if Macintosh will lose it's brilliance.
What if it stop acting like it is right now in order to make things go simple?
I do know that "Welcome to MacOS"dialog is suitable for this age, clone age.
I do also know that Apple is a company has been grown with users.
The reason that I decided to introduce this site to English reader is that,
guess how many Japanese celebrated Mac sites have linked to this page and send out mails,
Apple Japan haven't reply a word.

Translated by Georges (

Please email me any thoughts takahasi)

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